Views Tabs Field

This module provides a field to Views which renders content in vertical or horizontal tabs.


  1. Install the module just as you would any other Drupal module.
  2. In your view add a "Tabs" field.
  3. Set the type of tabs, vertical or horizontal (requires the Field Group module).
  4. Add or remove tabs via the Views field configuration.
  5. Insert markup, copy, and tokens from other fields into the tab content.
  6. Then see your field rendered in the tabs.


Required opt-out

Allows a field to be configured as sort of "required-lite". Required, but with an additional checkbox that allows a content admin to optionally override it.


Insha is a simple, clean and responsive theme.

Acquia flush varnish


Provides a drupal admin side interface to manually purge Acquia Cloud varnish cache using the Acquia Cloud API.

Rules Insightly

This module leverages the Insightly module: to create a bridge with Rules

That way, a site builder can use rules to define when to sync. data with Insightly and also decide on what type of data this should be (Contact, Opportunity etc...)


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