Patch report

Module that allows you to specify a patch directory. Then all patches will be loaded showing you useful information like the issue link or if it has been applied already.

Commerce Region / Language chooser

This module will allow users to easily change store country and language.

OAuth2 Mailer

This module allows users to send emails through Gmail server via OAuth2 authentication.

Current features

  • User use OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication
  • Having two way for show message form
  • User friendly form for compose email


Drupal module OAuth2 Client

Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph Module allows to build schemas from schema.org using the field ui. A schema can be used to
map content type fields and properties as a schema property and output it as JSON-LD in the HTML head.


Views Linker

User Case

The user has searched or filtered on a Views generated page,
clicked on one of the found results, and navigated through to the
page for that result.

After reading the info on the result page, how does the site lead
the user back to the page listing all the other found results?

This module provides a link back to the Views listing page,
which preserves the filters the user applied.



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