Demo Content

A Drupal 8 module for importing demo content from YAML files.

Notify Disable

It's automatically disables notify at inactivity.

After the module Inactive User marked an unser as inactiv, between one day the module disable the notifications from this user.

The module requires:


Administration main page

Simple Image Gallery module

RS Gallery is a lightweight, one-level categorized image gallery module with Bootstrap and Ekko-Lightbox.


- Bootstrap 3
- Ekko-lightbox for Bootstrap 3

Datafeedr API

Connect to the Datafeedr API and configure your API settings.

YAML Form Queue

Provides a queue handler for YAML Form to store form submissions in a queue.

Can be used in combination with e.g. RabbitMQ to send form submissions to a rabbit message queue.


Premier League

It is a Drupal 8 sports theme with features like image gallery, video gallery, blog, latest news, team description, player list, poll, points table, social media integration and event calendar along with sponsors link. 


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