Webform i18n Default Values

Provide support for multilingual default values for Webform fields.

Depends on:

  • Webform (Tested on the 7.x-4.x branch only, may work on older branches.)
  • Locale


This is a complete rip-off fork of the work done by mklinx for his Zazzle project (https://www.drupal.org/sandbox/mklynx/1203624) except that it feeds data off of a RedBubble account RSS feed instead of a Zazzle feed. It imports all products from your RedBubble store into a drupal database table and makes that data available via Views. From there you can display the products any way you wish.



HelpDesk allows non-technical people to provide highly technical bug reports and supply that information to developers via email or Open Atrium 1.x. Essentially, HelpDesk is a "glue" module, adding some unique features to a set of existing modules working together.


Load Image Maps

Load a client-side image map from the server, attach it to the image and scale the map responsively.

Graphviz produces images with a client-side image map in a separate file.


The Responsive Image Maps module adjusts an image map stored in the page to respond to changes in browser window size.

Commerce Cart Context Product Type

commerce cart context product type

Inspired from commerce cart context module. This module provides a context condition that allows you to check whether a user's shopping cart contains a specific product type or not.

You could use this to show a view block of listing product only if the user already have another specific product in his/her cart.


Views Results Summary Exposed Filter Tokens


This module extends to default "Results summary area" handler for views.
It does so by allowing incoming values for all exposed filters of the view,
to be available as replacement tokens.


  • New views handler "Global: Result summary with tokens"
  • Available in Header, Footer, No Results Behavior regions


This module came to be as an answer to the following Stackexchange Question:


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