User Permission

is there any way, to assigned permissions directly to user instead of role?
i'm trying to answer that questions... with this sandbox module..

Views Orderby Pinyin

在FIELDS里添加需要按汉语拼音排序的字段(可以排除显示),在SORT CRITERIA里添加:Content: FIELD ORDER BY PINYIN,然后选择FIELDS里的需排序字段。


This module registers a CKEditor plugin, PerformX OpenAccess, with the Wysiwyg module so that that CKEditor users who may have access to the plugin.

PerformX OpenAccess adds three buttons to the CKEditor toolbar that provide:

Views Ctools Dropbutton

Provides new field "Ctools dropbutton" field for Views.


  1. Install the module.
  2. Click on "Add field" in your views.
  3. Choose "Ctools dropbutton" in the "Global" section.
  4. Select links you want to add to ctools dropbutton.
  5. Have fun!


Tynt Service

Adds the ability to implement the Tynt service to retrieve copy & paste analytics and append additional copy to text that has been copied.

For more information on Tynt, please check out their website:


Adapted from Skeleton (, this project is meant to be a boilerplate, SASS-centric Drupal theme providing basic styling and a grid system.


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