This is a development tool intended to integrate the Emmet plugin for textareas with a Drupal development site. This plugin allows the Emmet Toolkit that you may already be using in your development software to be used within a textarea element in a web browser.
This is not intended to be used in a production environment, it is a development tool for speeding up or automating the coding process.

Views Filebrowser

Views filebrowser preview

Views file browser is an module browse in Drupal files.

More information soon.

Recovery Password

Drupal by default sends Password Reset URL by mail to user's email id in password recovery mail, but Recovery Password modules makes it possible for Drupal to send any random password by email instead of URL to the user.

Recovery Password Module alters default Drupal password reset process and makes it possible to

send the new password in recovery mail

itself. In this case, when user clicks on forgot password providing valid username or email address, new password is generated randomly and is sent to the user email address.

Git clone command is not showing for my sandbox project.

This tab is not showing.

I have created a sandbox.But I am not getting git clone command for my project any where.

Image Hover Effects

A community contribution of http://www.sooperthemes.com/#-Drupal-Themes.

Field Formatter that adds a hover effect to a linked image.

This modules integrates with Drupal core Fields API as well as the Views API.

The hover effect option is added to the field formatter of the core Image field. Since it only makes sense to have a hover effect on an image that is a link, the styling depends on a link being wrapped around the image.


Mapping & Projects

The mpub distribution provides a fast and efficient way for organisations to publish multiple maps and a project database.

View an example

This distribution has been developed for the Enhancing Pacific Ocean Governance (EPOG) project, although it may serve useful to other organisations also.


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