EntityReference Checker

This module will check for Entity Reference fields that point to missing data and check for
Entity Reference fields that are empty. If an entity reference field is required, it will report as a warning.
Otherwise, it will be reported as normal.

ABC Terms

This module allows you to select taxonomy vocabularies whose terms you want to remain alphabetical. This can be achieved manually by viewing the term list for a vocabulary and clicking the "Reset to alphabetical" button. However, once a new term is added to the vocabulary, it is added to the end of the list and the button will have to be clicked again to reset them to alphabetical order again. The goal of this module is to automate that process every time a new term is created.

Feeds entity processor

The new home of the Feeds entity processor.


Intent URL API

This (currently experimental) code acts as a central point for modules that rely on this to define specific URLs to perform certain actions.

Modules that come with Ajax buttons, one-time click URLs, flagging, and such features have to define a menu router item in order to get them called. For every implementation, there are many tasks that are common:

Zen Mobile Menu

This is a very small module that makes default Zen sub-theme main menu be a bit more responsive. It does this by:



Integrates the PHP FFMPEG with the media module.


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