SlimCD Payment Gateway for Ubercart

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This provides a payment gateway for use with Ubercart.



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RestWS Render

This module adds the ability for RestWS to include rendered HTML of nodes. By added a query parameter of render to a RestWS call, you can receive the rendered output of node_view()


Let's Encrypt Challenge

This is a simple module that allows for a configuration of a Let's Encrypt challenge.

It allows you to set some output for an* url.

If using apache, you will need to tweak the .htaccess file as per #2408321: Support RFC 5785 by whitelisting the .well-known directory.


Commerce IML

Provides integration with popular Russian shipping service IML's API v4.0.

It currently does not provide Commerce Shipping method but only tools for Commerce Orders importing to IML system and service points information updates.


Signout Sessions

signout sessions settings page

Drupal allows multi device log in at the same time for an user, but sometimes user forgets to log out from a device. This module allows site users to sign out from all other sessions if the sessions exist. (session for current logged in user remains)

Usage example:
Drupal allows its users to login with same account on different browsers or machines / devices at the same time.
This module helps the current logged in user to sign out from all the other sessions.


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