Apps entity restrictions

Apps entity restrictions

General info

When your Drupal site need to act as a backend you would like to restrict third
side application for a specific given set of entities and a very specific set of
fields. This module, Apps entity restrictions, give you the option to create application
representation. Each record will have a public key and a secret key and have a
list of allowed method he can apply for each entity and to which properties and


Biblio author node

This module adds an option to Biblio module that lets you link Biblio authors to nodes. By default, Biblio module only allows you to link authors to user profiles or Biblio author pages.


To use this module you will need Biblio module 7.x-1.x branch. Recommended version is 7.x-1.0-rc7. If you find any bug, please let me know. Thank you!


OG User Sync

A sandbox project that handles OAuth2 and attempts to keep a syncronised list between various OG groups and the folder to which they are assigned.

Bootstrap Starter Theme

Bootstrap Starter Theme is intended to be used as a template and CSS/SASS starting point for building Bootstrap based themes for Drupal.

The goal of this theme is to use little variables and have very simple templates that a developer can start editing right away. The only way to customize this starter theme is by coding and is for advanced themers only.

This starter theme assumes that you have NPM (Node Package Manager) installed and available locally in your development environment/server. To check if it is available type "npm -v". It should spit back the version.

Views Tabs Field

This module provides a field to Views which renders content in vertical or horizontal tabs.


  1. Install the module just as you would any other Drupal module.
  2. In your view add a "Tabs" field.
  3. Set the type of tabs, vertical or horizontal (requires the Field Group module).
  4. Add or remove tabs via the Views field configuration.
  5. Insert markup, copy, and tokens from other fields into the tab content.
  6. Then see your field rendered in the tabs.


Required opt-out

Allows a field to be configured as sort of "required-lite". Required, but with an additional checkbox that allows a content admin to optionally override it.


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