Node revision Permissions Per Role

By default, Drupal allows only users with the Administer nodes and view/reset/delete revision permission to add, reset and delete node revisions of all content type.

Node revision Permissions Per Role allows to give roles administer per content type node revision permissions without giving them full administer nodes permission.

For instance, you may let certain users(eg: roles:External-blogger ) manage node revision of a specific content type(eg: blog) but restrict to manage node revision of all other content type that this module is perfectly works for you.

Drupal Crypto Sandbox

Client-side crypto library for Drupal 8

Fences Block

The module allows a site builder to change block level element tags or add classes within the block configurations. It accounts for both content and configuration blocks that are rendered using the block.html.twig template.


Extends security of drupal websites with 2-step phone code authentication using Android app Drulapp. This is done by splitting login screen in to two pages, one for login credentials and another for submitting code generated on phone. Code generation and Authentication is based on rfc6238 which will be valid for 30 seconds. (with one past "time step window". see the link for why it is needed).


Shifter Dialog

Shifter Dialog screenshot

A modal dialog that displays additional functionality without leaving the current page.

It allows access to the drupal menus from the current page. A click on the period key (.) displays a modal dialog where you can enter the title of the page to be accessed.


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