Task Pledge

View with Task Pledge field

Add pledge tracking per user to a set of tasks. A user can pledge to do a task or mark a task as completed, or just skip that task. The pledging status is stored per user for each task.

The tasks are displayed in a view. To add pledge status, add the "Task Pledge" field to the view. When the view is displayed, a set of radio buttons will be shown in each row. The user can change the settings and click Save.

This module could be generalized into storing arbitrary per-user data per node.

Commerce License Video Embed

Based on the excellent Commerce File and extends the Commerce License framework to provide the ability to sell access to embedded videos hosted on other videos hosting services like Youtue and Vimeo.


Views Parity Row


This module provide a new Row Style Plugin for Views.
This row style is a copy of the Content row style where you can chose the view mode. The only difference is that it allows you to chose a different views mode when the row is even or odd.


Run Code

This module provides following features:

  1. A Code Editor, which accepts a piece of code(currently PHP & Javascript only) and displays its output. To get an Idea, think of following editors.
    • W3School's "Try It!:" editor.
    • writecodeonline.com 's editor.
  2. An extra field "Execute Code", which can be used in any Content Type. It has an input field to save code and a "Run Code" button to redirect to Editor's Page with referenced code in it for user to try.

Inputs are Welcome !

Feature toggle

From Wikipedia

A feature toggle, (also feature switch, feature flag, feature flipper, conditional feature, etc.) is a technique in software development that attempts to provide an alternative to maintaining multiple source-code branches (known as feature branches).


This module gives non developers ability to show or hide features created & deployed by developers.

How to create a feature:
In settings.php



Homework 1 project for Drupal Development Basics course.
It intentionally contains Drupal Coding Standards issues.

This project will be removed after the course.


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