Small ads

Drupal 8 successor to D7 Offers & Wants, which supports local communities to share and exchange their stuff and skills.

Ready rolled 'feature' type module allows permitted users to post ads and browse by category.

Smallads is its own entity type which is planned to have a remote storage controller pointing to REST API service. The entity comes with several fields already - image, geolocation, expiry date. Some handy views and blocks are provided also.


CSS Libraries Manager

This module is designed to make it easier for users to add custom stylesheets to a site.

This module allows an admin user to link in external libraries via URLs, or upload new CSS files. After adding a stylesheet, it is available for all modules and themes.

This is a tool for site builders who don't want to write a module to get a CSS file available throughout all themes or modules.

Example usage: add a CSS library with grid classes definitions and then reuse the classes in your theme CSS files, panel layouts CSS and etc.


This module is moving poll functionality into entities. For now it should be mostly usable for developers, which may enjoy that a poll is an entity and choices are also entities (so they can have fields!). Poll types, widgets, results displays are abstracted, so you can make your own. I tried to make it in a way that should allow you to relatively easily implement any voting system you wish.


Maniac SEO

Magic Maniac SEO E SEM

Maniac SEO

Inserts Maniac SEO into your drupal Website for more efficient SEO results.

Tool: Backlink Checker, keyword suggest, Keywords density, Keyword Position, Social URL Analytics, Page Rank Checker, Plagiarism Checker, SEO Analyzer,...

Showcase Slider

Showcase Slider

The Views Showcase Slider module is a Views Style Plugin that can be used to output
Views in a jQuery tiltslider.


Paragraphs Extra

Provides several new UX options for the paragraphs module as well as a front end API for developing new UX. Also provides CKEDITOR integration to allow splitting paragraph sections / inserting new paragraphs.

Documentation soon to come!


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