Luckydraw example

The luckydraw module is intends to create any kinds of lucky draw contents. This module allow to create more lucky draws, for each lucky draw rewards, you can set the rate.

The modules implemented one example of using Wheel type, this type allows user to upload the wheel, needle and start button by default for lukcydraw configuration, each reward (items) are added to the luckydraw entity can set angle range for each reward.

Manual Image Styles

Provides a way to manually control the image style derivatives for images.


Able Player: YouTube

Able Player: YouTube

Display YouTube videos added via the Media: YouTube with the Able Player
accessible video player interface.


Provides a Drupal database driver for the Stash PHP library.


Dblog Alert

Extends dblog to allow alerting particular roles to certain kinds of watchdog messages.

Create alerts by choosing a database logging filter and a role to which the alerts should be delivered. Users with that role will see alerts for any logged messages that match the filter when they log in. The alerts can be set to auto-dismiss, or require being actively dismissed.


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