This project is under active development.

Elfsight FAQ Module

Elfsight FAQ Module is a simple and easy-to-use FAQ for those who want to provide answers to the most frequent customer questions and deliver more details about their business. Install the module to your website and use it to combat any doubts and increase the number of leads.

Elfsight FAQ module allows to shape a structured question-answer list with easily accessible information and to display it most effectively on your website. Make your FAQ user-friendly and handy for readers to provide them with the info they are looking for.

Marketo JS Forms Integration

This module allows you to create Marketo form blocks on your Drupal sites.

This module comes with a new field type so each entity can have it's own unique form.

The provided CKEditor plugin allows editors to easily embed a Marketo Form into content by adding the token:



Entity Sanitizer

The Entity Sanitizer module provides the Drush entity-sanitize command. It creates (SQL) Database queries to replace all values for all fields with a standardized message. This allows you to safely reuse content structures from production databases without exposing production user content.

Entity Parser

It convert Entity (Node,Taxonomy term and User) object complex structure to Simple Array or a Custom Type such as JSON format . This module can support paragraphs fields type type field and it is extensible to another Type Fields . This module use hook method to changed field ouput, it can be hook by type field, by name of field and by alias .

How to implement in your drupal project
- Create a Class for example EntityParserDemo.php extend Drupal\entity_parser\EntityParser



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