This project is under active development.


Tag Block Site-Branding Switcher

Provide a way to switch HTML Tag from Frontpage to other pages.

The native block-system-branding-block display site_logo, site_name and site_slogan in div HTML Tag.
This module add h1 tag in frontpage for branding-block and keep the native display for the others pages.

Paragraphs Features

Autocomplete Field Match (Free text)

A module for those who need to allow free text in autocomplete fields that matches to a field on either the same entity or a field within a referenced entity. Module falls back to standard autocomplete functionality.
Field types available are Entity Reference, Field collection, or Paragraphs, though it may work on other referenced entities. File an issue in the queue if needed. Note that this module currently only matches to a referenced entity one level deep. (i.e. it will not match a field on a referenced entity of a referenced entity.)

Random Frontpage

Creates a page which displays a different, random node of a selected type every time it's accessed.

Commerce add to cart matrix

add to cart matrix frontend

Commerce add to cart matrix allows you to configure a new way of displaying the add to cart form.

All the possible variation combinations can be displayed in a table and allow instant add to cart for all of those.

The variation combination can be configured from the field formatter.


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