Pingdom API

Pingdom API provides a set of functions to interact with the Pingdom API.

Drush User List

Drush User List provides a drush plugin to list users on a site.


  1. Download and place in your ~/.drush/ directory
  2. Run drush user-list to list all users on a site
  3. Optionally, use the --roles and --status options

Credit to Manuel Garcia for the initial Drupal 6 implementation in

Google Places API autocomplete

Autocomplete with Zurich suggestions

Provides a widget for Drupal text fields with autocomplete suggestions fromthe Google Places API.
Also you can use the autocomplete path it defines for your own FAPI implementation.

How to use the module

1. The module exposes a widget for text fields.
2. Set the Google Places Autocomplete widget for the text field you want.
3. When typing into the text field, you can see suggestions based on the characters you typed.

How to configure the module

1. Go to admin/config/services/places
2. Insert the Google API Key


Exporting workflows using features is currently a little broken. It uses serial IDs in the exported code, but entities normally won't be re-imported with the same ID!

Views Ajax Overlay


A small views plugin which allows site administrators to add loading overlays to their views. By default ajax-enabled views use the default Drupal throbber which is only visible next to the element that triggers the AJAX callback. This module tries to improve that behavior by adding an overlay to the content that is being updated.

Bootstrap Languages

Bootstrap Languages exposes a new block that allows site visitors to switch languages using a Bootstrap dropdown button. It relies on the Languages for Bootstrap 3 library to display language labels as country flags in the dropdown selector.


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