SDK Connector for the Exact Target Fuel SDK.

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View Modes Display

View Modes Display is a helper module to preview view modes for your entities.

When working on a site with many content types and view modes, it becomes tedious to find out where to view the rendered entity in a given view mode. This module aims to solve this by providing an additional tab "Preview Display" on the node itself.

On the "Preview Display" page, all view modes with custom settings will be rendered in the enabled theme. A contextual link is also added for nodes to make it easy to link to the "Preview Display" from anywhere the node is shown.


Panels field collection form


Views custom cache

Views custom cache: View's first argument enabled

This module provides two new simple caches for views which takes view's arguments into account:

  • Custom cache: view's all arguments: All view's arguments, including contextual and exposed filters, will be taken into account.
  • Custom cache: view's first argument: Only first view argument, even if it is a contextual or exposed filter, will be taken into account.

Also, this module let's you:


Feeds Evernote Cloud

The Feeds importer for Evernote Cloud, allows you to authenticate to Evernote, using OAUTH,
and import items from your Evernote account to your web site.

The Feeds importer for Evernote Cloud uses the Evernote Cloud SDK to retreive information based on

Saved search
and copy this content to you web site, and publish it.


Module that will check file_managed vs file_usage, find the entries not in file_usage and then see if they are in one of the fields.

Code should show up in the next week or so.


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