You need to apply this patch to make this work: #2873820: Allow customizations.

The code here is HIGHLY experimental at the moment.

Block Style Plugins

Block config settings form showing options for Block Style Plugins

Block Style Plugins is an API module that allows a module or theme to add style options to block configuration by creating a custom plugin. In its simplest implementation, a UI element allows predefined classes to be added to a block so that CSS in a theme can alter a block's display.

Site Editors can't be expected to know CSS class names or Twig templates to provide theme suggestions. So instead this module allows a simple form UI that can be preconfigured with options on a Block instance's configuration page to choose how a block should be displayed.

Paragraph blocks

This module allows you to place each value of a muti-value paragraph field into a different block. And further it allows you to place paragraph fields from related entities in a similar manner. It does so by extending both paragraphs with an admin title that is only used in the UI for layout and extending panels by providing the blocks for placement.

Linkback semantic

This module is inspired by https://indieweb.org/Semantic_Linkbacks and will do these things:
Creates a new field called semantic type in linkback entity. If the linkback has fetched some metainfo and has some microformats semantics such as:
Will include it in the new field semantic type. This way you can create views grouping by semantic type.


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