Commerce Payplug

This module integrates PayPlug payment as a possible gateway for your Drupal Commerce 2.x website.


PayPlug is a french payment gateway company that offers credit card online payment with very low fees compared to competitors. Don't hesitate to contact them for special offers depending on you business size.

Webform REST

Submit webforms via REST.

  1. Enable module
  2. Enable REST resource "Webform Submit"

Example POST data:

  "webform_id": "my_webform",
  "checkboxes_field": [
    "Option 3",
    "Option 5"
   "integer_field": "3",
   "radio_field": "Mail",
   "email": ""

For dynamically building decoupled forms, Webform fields can be obtained via REST: /webform/{webform}

Default Menu Link - D8

This is a port to Drupal 8 for the Default Menu Link module

RedHen Asset

RedHen Asset creates an Entity which allows RedHen CRM users to create bundles for different types of Assets which can be tracked using Connections.

This is a drupal 8 module. There is no planned drupal 7 release scheduled.

We are looking for maintainers, please contact @arosboro to assist in maintaining this project.


This is a POC about implementing Jackalope PHPCR API as remplacement of traditional RDBS drivers (Mysql, Mariadb, Postgresql).

flatpickr datetimepicker


The flatpickr module implements the flatpickr JavScript Library.

“A lightweight & powerful datetimepicker.”

Provides a date / time picker that integrates with the Date module.

@todo update description.


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