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List of who's available for Drupal work

I get asked a lot if I know anyone looking for Drupal work. I know a few people but trying to keep track of who is and who isn't just to answer random people who ask me doesn't work very well. So I decided to make a wiki page.

If you are currently taking on Drupal work, add yourself to the list. It's your responsibility to maintain your own row in the table so, if you are going to use it, please keep it up to date.

*** RULES FOR THIS FORUM *** read this so your posts don't get deleted

There have been a lot of complaints of users spamming the paid-services forum. We are actively working to turn this forum into a useful and professional resource for clients to find relevant Drupal services.

The key philosophy here is that exchange between job posters and applicants should be done on a one-to-one basis, not in comment threads.

The Paid Services forum maintainer is stephthegeek, with assistance from francort. We keep an active eye on this forum daily but feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Rules for the Paid Services forum

  1. If you want to contact someone looking for help, click on the original poster's username and use the contact tab on their personal profile page. If their contact tab is not enabled, please leave a comment on the forum post requesting that they enable it. Send them references of other Drupal projects you have done, examples of your work, and some pricing information.
  2. If you want to respond to a forum topic, it should only be if you have a question that needs clarifying (that would benefit all) or for the purposes of pointing the poster to an existing solution or other relevant resource.

RTP, NC - Drupal Developers


My organization is poised to update their online presence to a Drupal-based parent and series of children websites. We are physically located in the Research Triangle Park region, North Carolina. Our organization would like to source a local company that can do a full, turnkey "build-out that follows a full design – including a single sign on functionality requirement" for the new websites. A formal RFP is upcoming. Please contact off list at for inquiries.

Thank you.

Dr. Warren

Flexi Access Customization

I need a patch for this module. There are two parts.

Issue 1:

(use this image for reference Image of UI)

Seeking Experienced Database Developer. Develop Drupal CiviCRM, migrate to WP

CiviCRM Development Request for Bids: Project Deadline 6/1
We are seeking an experienced database developer(s) to support us with the following:
1. Update, debug, and develop a CiviCRM instance.
2. Review database and data structure and improve according to our organizational needs.
3. Advise on and/or perform Drupal>WordPress Migration
4. Advise on and advance webforms, adding payment processing and tracking.
5. Develop full reporting solutions.

• All items must be completed by June 1, 2015. Completion by May 1 preferred.
• Proven expertise developing and administering CiviCRM on Drupal / WordPress for diverse clients.
• Quality results & communication:
o Measurable improvement in our systems
o A proactive approach to understanding client business and IT needs
o Willingness and ability to work efficiently with non-technical contacts
o Upfront communication style

Below, you’ll find a rough outline of the needs we are looking to address. If you are interested, and meet the above criteria, please email a summary of your qualifications, and a 2-4 page proposal to:
Chris Keefe
Retailer Programs Associate, Non-GMO Project


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