Kitchen Cabinets Scunthorpe

Kitchen Cabinets Scunthorpe. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. w w w . e x d i s p l a y k i t c h e n s 1 . c o . u k £ 595 Each with appliances.Tel 01616-694786

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Bleeding Edge starterkit for Omega 4/ Installing libSass


I am actually trying to set up an Omega 4 subtheme using libSass. (bleeding edge starterkit by fubhy)
It does look very promising, but I just can't seem to install the gulp environment.

SECURITY CONCERN: reference links: suitability for Drupal CMS of Apache+cPanel+suPHP on single user system (VPS or Dedicated)

First a clear statement; there is absolutely no doubt (based on both personal experience with a compromised pre-Drupal-7.32 site and on a review of literally 100s of discussions of this matter both on and wider WWW) that running suPHP (which forces the web server to run PHP script as cPanel/filesystem user) has serious security implications for all PHP-based CMS systems, including Drupal.

Database Administrator

I downloaded the "Database Administration" module. I installed it into my drupal. I activated the module. But I don't see how it works. WHat do I do with it to download my db tables?


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