Drupal Open Curriculum Initiative


The objective of this initiative is to create an Open Curriculum for new developers to come into Drupal and get trained in the various aspects of Drupal development. The curriculum is aimed at helping Drupal companies train new recruits in Drupal in a systematic and structured manner. The training is expected to happen through in-class sessions, self-learning, training exercises and finally on-the-job learning. The open curriculum is expected to be a framework that will allow the developers to build an understanding of the technology and then fill in details as they go through the process of training and working on projects. See more at https://groups.drupal.org/node/508323

Albert Onkoba - I want to learn Drupal


I am Albert Onkoba. I want to learn Drupal to create a website for self learning. How should i start?

Nodequeue module--reordering fields

In the normal content creator you can rearrange fields in any way you'd like. I'd like to do this with the Nodequeue module. I have the subqueue list with an "add content" field below the list, but I'd like it to be above the list, at the top of the page. I know Drupal outputs the html, and I'm having trouble even finding where the field lives. Any thoughts?

Paid Classifieds

Will I need additional plugins to build paid classifieds on my website or will the FlatClassifieds them supply everything I need?
I would like to view a functioning website that is using the FlatClassifieds them to see if it is what we want before we purchase. Any suggestions?

Replicating a WordPress Website in Drupal

Hey guys, sorry if it's off the topic. I have a blog in WordPress and I want to remake that in Drupal. Anyone here know how to do it ? I mean i just want to know where to start for this theme only in drupal. I really don't wanna dive into all drupal coding.

"blog it"

I have installed version 7.41 but I do not see the b for "blog it" (send feed to front page node) next to individual feeds. Please help. Thanks


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