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Theme translations from other systems

Has anyone had any experience translating themes from other systems? I particularly like Tiki's default SubSilver theme ( and the moreneat one. There's some very fine Xoops (& of course the whole PN family) themes as well.

No more comments and submitted by

All right, I've been poking this thing (Drupal) with a stick and thought I'd ask for some direction so I can start digging with more focus. In stories and articles, I would like to NOT display the Submitted By line. All the Themes seem to have this as a standard. What do I need to comment out/look for in the themes to exclude this line?



Adjusting xTemplate for more control over image.module display

Using xTemplate, I want to take more control of display for the image.module. I copied all functions and settings for "node" within the template files, and created node_image. I created all necessary classes in the CSS file for .node_image, .node_image .title, etc.. Everything works fine, but for some reason the image is missing now. It's as if there is no content passed. Why would this be if I just recreated "node" under "node_image"? Below is a copy of the node function in xTemplate.theme, with a few changes so it will call node_image in xTemplate.xtmpl.

Code from xTemplate.theme:
function node_image($node, $main = 0) {

"link" => url("node/view/$node->nid"),
"title" => ucfirst($node->title),
"author" => format_name($node),
"date" => format_date($node->created),
"content" => ($main && $node->teaser) ? $node->teaser : $node->body));

if (module_exist("taxonomy") && ($taxonomy = taxonomy_link("taxonomy terms", $node))) {
$this->template->assign("taxonomy", $this->links($taxonomy));
else {
$this->template->assign("taxonomy", "");

if ($links = link_node($node, $main)) {
$this->template->assign("links", $this->links($links));
else {
$this->template->assign("links", "");

print $this->template->text("node_image");
I can't show the code from xTemplate.xtmpl because it gets parsed but it is identitical to "BEGIN: node"

thank you.. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Mastering heading

Dear All,

I'm using Drupal 4.3.1, Polder theme and style.module. Currently, I do not use static CSS, but I keep using the default polder theme with activating logo image AND title text. My header is generated like this :

Beyone changing colors & background images

Hi all, I just finished my first theme (holiday season) which is just a modified version of XTemplate. It's pretty simple to change the apperance with colors, etc. But is there a way to add graphics to the different items? So, instead of the heading for Blog saying "Blog", there would be a picture of a scroll or something like that?

You can check out what I've done so far at



How to alter xtemplate to place a border around main page stories

I'm 2 days new to Drupal, and love it already. I've been hacking away at xtemplate today to get the exact feel I'm looking for. I want to have a nice border around each "Story" published to the main page, just like the border in the UnConeD theme. Seeing that xTemplate does not use tables, I'm a beyond my understanding of how these themes work. Is what I desire still possible in a CSS driven template?

thank you.


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