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Quick question about the Chameleon theme system that is being developed...

I understand that it allows switching between multiple CSS Stylesheets and HTML templates, but does it also allow Admins to switch between different PHP Logic files?

If for example I create a bit of custom PHP code that adds a feature to a particular Chameleon template, will I be able to distribute it with the CSS and HTML template files? Or does it need to be patched into the core Chameleon PHP file?

New Theme Site for Drupal

Hi guys, we have added Drupal Themes to the site TheThemes We will add more soon, and we hope to start and design on the Drupal themes. :)

Possible Bug in Xtemplate

I realize xtemplate has an admin configurable top menu but I'm curious why it lacks part of the typical "Navigation" menu (i.e. home, forums, my account, etc.) seen in all other themes?

As a (very) new user of drupal, it was frustrating to see a big chunk of the site navigation suddenly disappear when I switched to the xtemplate theme.

If the "Primary" and "Seconday" links in xtemplate were done as PHP rather than HTML the initial installation could use the same method used by other themes to create the missing parts of the Naviagtion menu.

4.3.2 vs 4.4.x/CVS

Well I'm starting out with drupal and plan to build a theme. The big question is should I create my theme for stable (4.3.2) or use current CVS (4.4.x)? From the comments I've seen around the board, it looks like major changes to the theme system are in CVS and any work I do on a theme in 4.3.x will have to be redone when 4.4.x is released.

Any insight would be appreciated.


Theme showing up twice, not updating.

I'm using the utility theme from It's showing up twice in my listing, even though it's only in one directory in the themes directory and there's only one utility.theme file in the /drupal/themes/utility directory.

What could cause it to show up more than once in the listing?

Also, I noticed that no matter what I change in the .theme file, it's not being displayed. This causes me to believe that there is another theme file somewhere, but where else could it be?



Recovering site from a broken theme

I was "auditioning" some themes, and one of them was causing fatal errors bad enough that Drupal would not load. Nothing showed up except a fatal error (at line 179 of, with Drupal 4.3.1, if anyone cares)

This leads to a sort of catch-22: I could not load Drupal because of the broken theme. But I could not change the theme because I could not load Drupal. So how can someone recover their site if they've installed a theme that turns out to be broken?


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