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Adding Xtemplate style search box to interlaced

I am many hours into the design of my customer's web site:

My customer wants a search bar added in the header on the right hand side, (similiar to the one in xtemplate) it would involve way too much work to ditch interlaced in favor of xtemplate purely for the search bar.

Can someone instruct me on what needs to be done to insert an xtemplate style search box into the interlaced theme??

Many Gratious thanks in advance!



Themes for dummies

I suppose I should make this clear: I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. But on my site using Drupal,, I would like to play with rearranging the way that nodes are displayed. For example, I might want to put the date or taxonomy terms above the article's headline. On a site using Xtemplate, which file should I edit to accomplish this?


drupal for designers? and can it validate??

I am a web designer, not a programmer. That said, I have development skills, the ability to work within languages like PHP (although I am nOOb to PHP), am familiar with XSLT processing, XML storage, and the like. But I am an expert with CSS and the rest of the presentation.

I really like drupal but xtemplate seems cumbersome, marvin is stuck in 2nd generation web design practices... I'll have to check out Chameleon. Thanks for the tip.

Create a custom 'home', main or indexing page ...

Hi all,

I'm working on a 4.4/cvs theme on a 4.4/cvs core and want to be able to customise the display of the home page.

The specific effect I'm after is being able to display the first, say, 3 nodes (teasers) (ordered however) on a main page in one way - ie by one them method, then pass the rest to be displayed a different way.

In fact almost exactly as described in another post called 'Best way to fix nodes on a page'.

Modify Marvin Theme

I am working at a modified version of the Marvin theme. I am now interested in changing the background color of block titles, but I cannot find how. Could anybody help please?

chameleon versus xtemplate ?

I’m writing a new template and wonder if I should base it on chameleon or xtemplate?

So in general, what are the pros and cons between these two template systems?


FYI: The only thing the site needs special are taxonomy icons and maybe a gallery.  And myself I am a very capable programmer and only so-so designer.


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