For assistance with theme development.

Any sites that have all drupal themes?

Just wondering if there's a quick way to preview the look of the various themes. I see the contributed themes section, but beyond downloading, installing and trying them, there are no screen shots for a quick preview to see which ones I might like.

If anyone knows a place to choose among all the current themes, please let me know.


I've placed this Forum in an Iframe at

This way I don't have to leave my website to addres this Forum

Drupal Forum at

I've placed many more Forums at my Hyper Forum ( a Portal )
have a look at >Forums > Favourite Forums : A Hyper Forum
please comment on the usefullnes of this...

Well, how do I switch Themes?

Drupal comes with two themes, right?

Well, how do I get the other one working?

Also, are there any themes I can download anywhere?


Xtemplate Breadcrumb Row Height

I've adapted the pushbutton theme for a custom project I am working on. Hence, I've modified the .xtmpl and linked it to my css file.

I've also installed taxonomy_context and fooled around with tons of combinations of styles and 'enabling/disabling' the configuration item that cleans up the styles.

pushbutton theme question

I have been trying to modify the pushbutton theme to my liking but there are some stuff very simple but I cannot figure out:
For example, some div classes like:

I cannot find in css files.

Basically I was trying to reduce the font size for the node body texts. I dont know where this guy is being set though. If I check the source for the page there is a div tag before the text and it goes like

Mission in Chameleon theme?

I think this nice Chameleon theme (and it's marvin css which I love) really misses "mission" box for a front page. Can somebody tell me how to implement it? I spent half a day but no result. Lack of programming skils.



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