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Xtemplate Block Template Fiddling

Okay, I'm breaking stuff. I'm pretty solid on CSS, but I've been a CF programmer for a long time, and I'm new to PhP, so forgive me if I'm asking stupid questions.

The Designers I'm working with have set before me an interesting challenge -- making the title of a section in the blocks areas (right and left side menus) have different styles -- the first word be one color, the rest of the title be another. So, if I were just going to code it, I would have Main Menu or something like that. The trick is to try to get the xtemplate I'm customizing to do that on the fly.

I have been trying to make the template variable {title} into two variables {title_a} and {title_b}. So I started hacking xtemplate.theme. The code I'm hacking is on my line 241 or so, and looks like this:

function xtemplate_block(&$block) {
global $xtemplate;

// create template variables for all block variables (module, delta, region, subject, content, ...)
foreach ($block as $key => $value) {
$xtemplate->template->assign($key == "subject" ? "title" : $key, $value); // TODO: standardize on 'title' (ie. rename all $block["subject"] to "title")
$output = $xtemplate->template->text("block");
return $output;

and to try to create my two title variables, I've created this mess:

Any site provide drupal template?

Is that any site that provide drupal templates? I've been looking around but it's hard for me to find it. Currently I used phptemplate for my site.

I hope there will be more template added in Drupal :)

what is ""?

A quick question.

Just going through the Theme tutorial (great btw!), and I noticed this code block in the xtemplate.xtmpl file that wasn't documented,


Just wondering what this does? Thanks!

custom colors for the same theme

I want to edit my current theme, change the colors so there are multiple color schemes of the same theme for users to choose from.

In the theme file for phptemplate it says

"Custom templates can be written by simply copying the default directory to something
else and making your modifications"

Is there something missing because I've tried this and when I go into admin/themes it brings up this error.

chameleon theme ?

How can i change the logo in Chameleon pure theme ?

I really want to use this theme, with my new logo picture.
thx a lot.

fast theme

on my website i got too many links on left and right block and there are in "blocks"...So i think when my webpage coming to explorer, everytime drupal go to database for these links to setup theme.
if i add those links in my theme, like a html tags, would it be more fast?
Sorry my english, maybe i couldnt expalin what im talking about.
Pls check my website and see it.
My banner and a few links on my top of page are from my theme... And they come fast... do u think is the good way for speeding up my site???


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