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How to make page same as node title?

I'm using 4.3.2 and would like to make the page title the same as the node title. I notice the Drupal site is currently doing this, but on my 4.3.2 version with whichever theme I try (e.g. Marvin, XTemplate or the hacked version of Polder I use), the page title matches the node title for about 2 levels in, and then reverts to the site title.

Any clues? Or is this something that's changed in HEAD?

thx! michael

Problem with Interlaced Theme

When I was doing development and testing with Drupal and the Interlaced theme, everything was great! My hat off to the wonderful development and support. I have a small problem. My ISP is masquerading my DNS, so my URL is really something else...I believe they call it cloaked. However, resolves to . I think that it's a frame cloak. But now the site is messed up.

Image Module: Tip for aligning thumbnail pics in albums

I'm using Drupal 4.3.2, with Image Module 4.3.

By default, the image module is set to shift the thumbnail text to left while it centers the thumbnail images. What this means is that if you only have one or two images in an album, the thumbnail and thumbnail title will be out of alignment -text left, imaged center.

To fix this, open the image.module with a text editor and goto line 1360. Look for - align=\"center\ - and change the "center" to left. This will cause your thumbs to shift to the left, over the text. Things will look tidy again.

By the way:

Trying to hide title and author on static pages


I'd like to be able to hide the 'title' and 'submitted by' lines on static
pages. To do that I modified the xtemplate.xtmpl file to dynamically remove
the 'title' and 'submitted by' lines on static pages. I tried to do this with
the following script:

<!-- BEGIN: node -->

<div class="node">


if ($node->type != 'page') {

echo '<div class="title"><a href="' . {link} . '">'
. {title} . '</a></div>';

echo '<span class="author">Submitted by ' . {author} . ' on
' . {date} . '.</span>';

echo '<span class="taxonomy">' . {taxonomy} . '</span>';



<div class="content">{content}</div>

<div class="links">&raquo; {links}</div>


<!-- END: node -->

Problem with this latter approach is that it's not getting processed by the
php engine. My when testing this page forum entry the following output is generated:

Node Title | Site Title :( -- note: same as browser title

submitted by John Doe on dateX }?>:(

Ok, when I view source the entire php block is still present in the page sent
to the browser. That makes me thing that this change isn't being processed by
the php engine. Am I correct, and how do I work around this problem if so?

Page rendering Problem

I have a bit of a problem, and I'd like to think the problem is on my end rather than a software defect. We have an internal web site where we use Drupal. Frequently, users complain (daily) that the page does not load accurately.

The page is arranged thus: mast, left column, body, footer. The left column tends to hog the rest of the page, forcing the body to be only about 100 px wide. I have my users send the source code, and there is nothing amiss.

I would hope the problem is browser relates, or browser compatibility related. I am assuming this is theme related.

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