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HOSTNAME Based Themes For Multiple Sites

Thought I would share my small amount of insite into that which is drupal. To use a single instance of the drupal framework and db for multiple sites I did the following:


       Changed "$base_url" to "$base_url = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];"

       Added 2 new lines:

      $base_url = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];

      $strHost = explode(".", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);

      $base_host = strtolower($strHost[1]);
       Removed all instances of '$base_url' from function url()

       Added 1 line directly after 'include_once "includes/";'


At this point I simply created themes with the corresponding HOSTNAME. For example:

How to create my own template

How do I create my own template? Is php knowledge required? Any other resources on Drupal themes? Any standard?


site design by year

I have an idea for a site which sounds simple in concept but I need some help to get going.
- the site will be a multi user journal with some news/articles content inserted by an editor
- each year will use a different theme
- the home page should be simple, with just links to choose which years journal you want to read
- the default year would be the current year

Obviously the two basic issues are: forcing which theme to use depending on the year variable, and selecting nodes/comments that were created in the selected year.

Any ideas?

Navigation block customizing

Hi, is it possible to customise the look of the navigation block without going deep into the heart of drupal? I would like that it outputs in a single line as follows:

username: create | view journal | my profile | logout

'create' would go to ?q=node/add
'view journal' would go to ?q=blog/#
'my profile' would go to ?q=user/edit

page link formatting

Using the 'example' theme page links appear in a vertical format, so I assume this is the default. But using 'marvin' they appear in a row. I have managed to work out I can change the delimeter, but don't understand where or how the links appear in a line, and is it easy to overide it so that the links appear vertically?.

Theme nameing

Hi, can theme names have spaces in them? thanks, Kenny


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