For assistance with theme development.

chameleon theme ?

How can i change the logo in Chameleon pure theme ?

I really want to use this theme, with my new logo picture.
thx a lot.

fast theme

on my website i got too many links on left and right block and there are in "blocks"...So i think when my webpage coming to explorer, everytime drupal go to database for these links to setup theme.
if i add those links in my theme, like a html tags, would it be more fast?
Sorry my english, maybe i couldnt expalin what im talking about.
Pls check my website and see it.
My banner and a few links on my top of page are from my theme... And they come fast... do u think is the good way for speeding up my site???

Looking for advice

I have been using drupal in various ways since 4.0. Most of the sites I have created have been relatively small projects. I never really had the time to devote to learning the theme api and ended up with mostly hacks of current themes. Now, I am beginning a much bigger project, which needs more than just a hack. And now, I actually have the time to devote to creating a unique customized site. I actually have some people to work with who are really knowledgeable and capable web developers, but who don't have much experience with drupal as well.

I am really excited about the proposed theme structure for 4.5. We definitely need to do more to be designer friendly. Even though I am a bit of a developer, I am also a designer. I really want to find a (relatively) fast easy way to create a unique appearance for the site. But, I can't wait till 4.5 comes out. I need a solution now. The designer side of me wants to find a template approach, but as it has been noted xtemplate has serious drawbacks. I did some research into phptal, but I couldn't find a way to use those templates with drupal. Besides having a designer-friendly solution, I'd like to have something that will work for 4.5 and beyond as well. I don't want to spend days learning the current theme api and developing my own theme only to have that api abandoned.

I am continuing to do my own research, but I would greatly app

Newbie Q: navigation tabs + section submenus

I'm very impressed with Drupal so far but I'm unsure wether the following is possible or how to approach it.

I want navigation tabs for my site sections (showing currently active section), then in the sidebar the multi-level sub-menu for that section (again showing the currently active page). Obviously all linked to Drupal's taxonomies. I know the XHTML + CSS to do this but what mods need to be made to Drupal or its templates to allow this?

trouble finding some elements colors

I'm oviously missing somthing what are the css names
(like .node-form .admin .authored .form-text {whatever})
for these elements?

Any sites that have all drupal themes?

Just wondering if there's a quick way to preview the look of the various themes. I see the contributed themes section, but beyond downloading, installing and trying them, there are no screen shots for a quick preview to see which ones I might like.

If anyone knows a place to choose among all the current themes, please let me know.



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