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SeeD EM is an 100% Drupal Shop based in Colombia offering full Drupal services world wide. We develop, design, and support websites and web solutions for companies and organizations; our team is trained to build and to successfully launch useful and reliable web projects

We are Drupal Experts and Passionated.

Drupal contributions

Speakers in:

Contrib modules, theme & distro


We provide support to the community in forums, IRC and regional websites, mainly in Latinoamerica, we help to increase the Drupal passion.

Our public Knowledge base in Spanish:

Contributions to the community

We was proud Gold Sponsor and Financial Partner of DrupalCon Latin America

We are proud sponsor of Drupal events, some of them

Credited on 1 issue fixed in the past 3 months


We are Acquia Enterprise & Training Partner.

We train your team in the correct use of Drupal and all the technologies needed in order to develop and successfully deploy projects from scratch.