Drupal 8 version

This module allows to send Webform submissions to MailChimp list.



  1. Unzip the files to the "sites/all/modules" OR "modules" directory and enable the module.
  2. Go to Webforms list page (admin/structure/webform) and click "Edit" on desired Webform.
  3. Click Emails/Handlers secondary tab and then click on "Add handler" button.
  4. Click on "Add handler" button on "MailChimp" row.
  5. Fill in the form. You should have at least one list in your MailChimp account, and at least one Email field in your Webform.
  6. If you want to map extra fields, create a sign-up form at your MailChimp account (Signup forms => General forms). Add as many form items as you want, but take into account "Field tag" of each one. Each field you have configured in your Webform, will be mapped there if the "key" value in the Webform matches "Field tag" value in MailChimp. Don't worry about upper/lowercase.

Drupal 7 version

Provides a webform component that lets users subscribe to a Mailchimp newsletter as they submit a webform.

Requires the Mailchimp module, and of course the Webform module.

Supported Webform Versions

  • The 7.x-1.x branch requires Webform 3.x
  • The 7.x-2.x branch requires Webform 4.x

The 7.x-2.x branch supports Mailchimp 3.x. The 7.x-4.x branch supports Mailchimp 4.x.

Supporting organizations: 
Added new features to D8 version and currently maintains it
Initial D8 version

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