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RNG is an event management module for Drupal 8 created in the spirit of Entity Registration (Drupal 7) and Signup (Drupal 6). Users can create registrations for events, and event managers can manage these registrations.

See the quick start guide for setup instructions and basic configuration.

RNG 1.3: The Registrant Update

See RNG 1.3: The Registrant Update for an overview of this update.

Stack Exchange Support requests are taken on Drupal Answers with the rng tag. Ask a question!
Github Please post bug reports and feature requests to the GitHub project.
Slack Chat on IRC on Freenode in #drupal-rng channel.
Chat on Slack in #rng channel.
Documentation Documentation and frequently asked questions can be found here.


  • Any entity type — Both event types and registrants can be any entity type.
  • Self and proxy registration — users can register themselves or other people to the event.
  • Multiple registrants — registrations can associate multiple people.
  • Messaging — messages, such as email, can be sent to registrants. Messages have token support, allowing you to recycle field values from the related event, person, and registration. Messages can be timed, or sent when a registration is created.
  • Additional people types — provides a framework to use other entities as registrants.
  • Views integration — integration with views, including automated view builders (builders are found in sub module). See documentation.



RNG Views (sub module)

Optional integration

  • Token
    Improves token UI on template forms.

Extra modules

  • RNG Conflict
    Adds conference style track support. Prevents registrations when a registrant is registered for a similar event, such as same day or timeslot.
  • RNG Contact
    Provides a non-user contact (anonymous registrants) suitable for use with RNG v1.3. See the setup guide.
  • RNG Date Scheduler
    Proactively controls whether a user can register based on date fields attached to an entity. Allows you to prevent registrations if the current date is before or after the date field value.
  • RNG Quick
    Adds two blocks enabling users to register for the displayed event: a one-click registration block, and a bock replicating the standard registration form.


  • Go to simplytest.me/project/rng.
  • Click "Launch Sandbox".
  • Install Drupal as normal.
  • Enable "RNG" module, and any optional modules you wish to try out.

RNG is developed by @dpi in his personal time. You may contact him if you are interested in customising RNG functionality, module development, or other Drupal projects.

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