Last updated February 15, 2017.

In addition to the Drupal IRC channels, there are also additional Slack groups where you can get involved.

Slack Groups

The Drupal community has put up multiple groups for specific purposes. Unless otherwise noted, these groups require a referral to join.

Drupal (drupal)

A slack team with all kind of channels. The UX team is using the ux channel as primary tool.

Drupal Chicago (drupalchicago)

A slack team focused on the Drupal community in Chicago

Drupal Twig (drupaltwig)

A slack team focused on all kind of frontend related stuff, not only twig itself.

MidCamp Conference (midcamp)

A slack team focused on the organization of and participation in the MidCamp Drupal Camp.

DrupalDelhi (drupaldelhi)

A slack team working on Drupal camp and meetups in Delhi and NCR region.

DrupalCamp Organizers (drupalcamporganizers)

A slack team of Drupal camp organizers from all over the world, focusing on issues such as budget, marketing, training, outreach, volunteer coordination, website building and more.

Drupal Orlando (drupalorlando)

A slack team focused on the Drupal community in Orlando