Dynamic Entity Reference


Dynamic Entity Reference provides a field type/widget/formatter combination for Drupal 8 that allows an entity-reference field to reference more than one entity type.


Create a single field to hold references to Users and Nodes, Or Terms and Nodes, or all three.


This version only supports content entities with integer IDs as referenceable entities. It doesn't allow content entities with string IDs as referenceable entities.


This version allows all content entities as referenceable entities. This version also allows all config entities as referenceable entities but it is only configurable programmatically. The content and config entities can be referenced in the same field as well.

DER Extra

Use DER Extra to shows multi-value DER field autoccomplete widget built using chosen. It only works with DER>1.4 OR >2.0-alpha6. For all other versions please use the patch from #2907597: Make DERI::getSettableOptions more usable.


Dynamic Entity Reference 8.x-2.x fields with numeric IDs aren't supported by all hosting platforms, specifically Acquia. #2930423: MySQL triggers aren't supported on Acquia



8.x-1.x, 8.x-2.x

  • Field module (in core)

Known problems

Please use the issue queue to report problems.
DER issues in core.


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