This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Signup allows users to sign up (or register, as in register for a class) for nodes of any type. Includes options for sending a notification email to a selected email address upon a new user signup (good for notifying event coordinators, etc.) and a confirmation email to users who sign up.

Each of these options can be enabled and customized per node. When used on nodes that have a start time (with either a CCK date field or using the Event module), it can also send out reminder emails to all signups X days before the start of the event (per node setting) and auto-close event signups X hours before their start (general setting) providing that the site has properly configured regular cron runs. There are settings for restricting signups to selected roles and content types, and to place limits on the number of users that can signup for any given node. Users with proper permission can send a "broadcast" message to all users signed up for a given node. Administrators can look at both a signup detail for one node, and a signup summary for all nodes.

There's a 6.x-2.x-dev branch but it is effectively unmaintained at this point. Users are strongly encouraged not to use it. The officially supported version of signup is the 6.x-1.* series (available in the table below).

A Drupal 7 port has started (a straight port of the 6.x-1.0 release), but is not yet merged into CVS and available as a development snapshot. When it's ready for testing, it will appear in the table below.

The signup module was originally co-developed by Chad Phillips and Jeff Robbins, and sponsored by Jeff Robbins. It has been mostly rewritten and is now being maintained and enhanced by Derek Wright. For some ideas about future work for the module, look at the TODO list and the issue queue. Anyone interested in sponsoring further development should contact me.

There are a handful of related modules that depend on the signup module. I do not use any of these myself, and can't vouch for the quality of their code or maintenance, but I wanted to provide a list of them in case they are useful. This list is ordered by when the projects were added to

Module 6.x version
Signup Status Official release Official
Signup Integration for Ubercart Official release Official
Signup Restrict by Role Official release Official
Signup Multiple Official release Official
Signup Profile Official release Official
Signup Pay Dvelopment snapshot Development snapshot
Signup Scheduler Dvelopment snapshot Development snapshot

Alternatively, if you want each of your signups to themselves be nodes (with all the power and complexity that entails) you should check out the CCK Signup module.

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