What is OpenLucius?

OpenLucius is a work management platform for social communication, -documentation -and projects. Usage examples:

  • Social team communication -and collaboration
  • Project -and task management platform
  • Helpdesk for clients
  • Document management system
  • Wiki
  • Social intranet

In OpenLucius employees can safely work together online with help of groups (private or open), tasklists, taskboards, status updates, direct messages, files & folders, activity streams and lots more.

Optionally, OpenLucius facilitates working with third parties: partners, clients or suppliers.

It's aimed on self-management, reducing email to near-zero and keep organised track on all your communication and documentation.

Your information will be streamlined and clearly presented via (personal) dashboards, activity streams, taskboards and calendars.

Quotes from the Drupal community

  • "let me first say openlucius is amazing out of the box, I mostly love the simplicity" -- GiorgosK - https://www.drupal.org/node/2847782
  • "Thanks for OpenLucius! It's fantastic. Good feature set, easy to install, easy to use. It even has user documentation!" - mathieso - https://www.drupal.org/node/2691549
  • "BTW The latest update 7.x-1.6 is fantastic. Well done!" -- MrPaulDriver - https://www.drupal.org/node/2580009#comment-11830727
  • "I've just installed this for a client and so far it looks great. Thanks!" -- Kristi Wachter (https://www.drupal.org/node/2646414)
  • "We've been testing out OpenLucius for a while and it's been great. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this" -- dela.deyoungster (https://www.drupal.org/node/2846509#comment-11888914)
  • "Please note, that I found the drupal profile Open lucius, and I found it really amazing." -- Igor Krutak (per email)
  • "Den som väntar på något gott....." as we say in sweden or "he who waits for something good can never wait to long" - frber23
  • Big thank you for this distro,it´s truly fantastic." -- frber23 (https://www.drupal.org/u/frber23) (per email)
  • "I found your distribution and so far it looks really promising." -- igorik (https://www.drupal.org/node/2580009)
  • "First of all, great project! I'm working with a nonprofit client that is moving to Open Lucius for their planning and bug-tracking work" -- Ivan Boothe2 (rootwork) (https://www.drupal.org/node/2628970)
  • "Hi! I have been trying Openlucius now for a while and are most impressive. Even a Drupa novice like me can put up a collabarationsite with eas." -- Fredrik Bergström (per e-mail)
  • "wow! Wow! WOw! WOW! :) This is great, thanks! :)" -- István Kurucz (nevergone) (https://www.drupal.org/node/2505715#comment-10403565)
  • "@OpenLucius Just tried OpenLucius Project Management Tool. It's really nice!" -- @valderama (Tweet)
  • "@OpenLucius #API offers #opensource communication platform for bizapps bit.ly/1I8ZOYu" -- @ProgrammableWeb (Tweet)
  • "Thanks for your awesome project ;)" Tweet by @Thiago Régis
  • "First of all congratulations for this great product, works incredible..." - castillo felipe (per email)
  • "great distribution..." - fcastle
  • Hi, We really like your platform and are planning to use Open Lucius as a platform for our ambassadors to communicate and collaborate on projects, [...] - Eamon
  • The #Drupal 'Open Lucius' distribution looks really interesting [...] well done @joris_lucius - Mark Conroy by Tweet
  • @OpenLucius Awesome! platform.Great work. We are using it! - @AudibleCode - https://twitter.com/audiblecode/status/712632194162884612
  • (Dutch) "Ik heb net jullie platform gedownload en getest. Prachtig! [...] Prachtig systeem hebben jullie gemaakt!" - Roger Lenoir
  • "First and foremost, I have really enjoyed trying out OpenLucius" [...] "Team collaboration and project tracking has not been a particular Drupal strength but you are making great progress with OpenLucius." - James Hoskins, Digital Marcoms Manager
  • Thanks for all your hard work on this @joris_lucius. It's a wonderful distribution. - dela.deyoungster
  • "Love the Kanban view. I was very surprised by how fast it loads." -- José - https://www.drupal.org/node/2847865"
  • "Searching for some tool to facilitate group collaboration on top of Drupal, I stumbled into your awesome OpenLucius project." - Norbert, Atelier für Gestaltung - per email

Less is more, optimized for performance

The aim to only contains modules that are as effective as possible in the core, so the overhead is kept at a minimum.

Instant online collaboration tool

Use it with zero coding and zero configuration. Installation only takes a few steps. So all people in your organization, including third parties, can instantly use OpenLucius after installation and work together online. It truly is an ‘instant product’.

Focus on 'Simple' and 'Easy'

End-user functionality and code should speak for itself: the aim is to keep it 'Simple' and 'Easy'.

  • Where 'Easy' means: familiar, recognizable
  • Where 'Simple' means: learnable, decoupled, decomplected, composed (not mixed).



Built on Drupal Bootstrap theme, therefore supporting all browsers and devices.

Customizable, future proof

Because it’s build as native as possible on Drupal, you can customize functions and layout the way you want without having to worry about future upgrades.

End User Manual

Please visit http://help.openlucius.com

Installation and upgrade manual

End user features

  • Homepage with Activity stream & Status updates
  • Collaboration in Groups
  • Collaboration with third parties
  • Todo’s & Todo-lists
  • Taskboards
  • Timetracker, Budgets and Reports
  • Group dashboards with activity streams
  • Jointly working on book pages (wiki)
  • Managing documents in folders and groups
  • Group messages
  • Direct messages
  • Notifications center
  • Like buttons
  • Personal Todo's
  • Cover images and logo's
  • Status Updates
  • Colorizer
  • Discussions
  • Calendars
  • Forum
  • Autocomplete searchbar
  • Faceted global search
  • Notifications (individuals & teams)
  • Notifications to ‘external contractors’ (people that can not login to OpenLucius)
  • Activity streams
  • Todo calendars
  • Global calendar
  • Profiles
  • Dashboards
  • Finding filtered information
  • Comments and attachments
  • Synching with your own calendar via iCal stream
  • Global overviews for Messages, Todo’s, Text-documents and Files
  • Trashcan
  • Archive
  • Moving items
  • Pluggable with Solr for blazing fast search

Add-on modules


Youtube channel with instruction videos

Please check out our OpenLucius Youtube channel

Features on our roadmap

  • Forms
  • Document previews
  • Workflows
  • Copying items
  • Daily or weekly updates per email
  • Exporting to PDF
  • ... (please let us know your feature requests!)

Difference with existing Drupal projects

There are other distro's that look alike: Open Atrium & Erpal. Why OpenLucius:

  • It's an instant ready to use product for end-users, not a toolkit.
  • This means that your whole organization can instantly use it after you installed it like any other Drupal installation.
  • Out of the box usable, so people that don't know Drupal or have any technical background can use it after installing.
  • Clear online manual.
  • Painless installing & future upgrading.
  • OpenLucius kept code overhead to a minimum, for maximal performance.

Commercial support

OpenLucius Cloud (SaaS) & customization: please visit http://www.openlucius.com

Proudly built by Lucius Digital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Supporting organizations: 

Project information