The Nagios monitoring module integrates your Drupal site with the Nagios monitoring application.

The module reports to Nagios that the site is up and running normally, including:

  • PHP is parsing scripts and modules correctly (in case PHP gets disabled for some reason)
  • The database is accessible from Drupal
  • Whether there are configuration issues with the site, such as:
    • pending Drupal version update
    • pending Drupal module updates
    • unwritable 'files' directory
    • Pending updates to the database schema
    • Cron not running for a specified period
    • Anything else reported in the Administer -> Reports -> Status report (requirements)

If you already use Nagios in your organization to monitor your infrastructure, then this module will be useful for you. If you only run one or two Drupal sites, Nagios may be overkill for this task.

Security Note

This module supports two ways of interacting with Nagios. NRPE or standard checking over HTTP. The NRPE approach is recommended, as it is far more secure. If you are using the http check method then be aware this module exposes the following information from your web site:

  • The number of published nodes.
  • The number of active users.
  • Whether an action requiring the administrator's attention (e.g pending module updates, unreadable 'files' directory, ...etc.)

To mitigate the security risks involved, make sure you use a unique user agent string, as documented in the README.txt. Please note that this is not a fool proof solution.

If you are really concerned about this information being publicly accessible, then use NRPE and make sure you remember to disable the Nagios status page in admin.

Installation and Configuration

For installation and configuration instructions, see the README.txt file included with this module.

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