Drupal agencies, freelancers, site builders and even Drupal site owners do need DRD (Drupal Remote Dashboard) because it is the one and only solution that provides a non-intrusive insight into any number of remote Drupal sites without the need of any third party service.

No matter where the Drupal sites are hosted and regardless of any configuration or deployment specifics, DRD is able to monitor and manage them all at once. The dashboard is build for Drupal 8, the monitored remote sites are supported on Drupal 6, 7 and 8.


All the details are documented over at Drupal Remote Dashboard on Drupal's community documentation site.


Drupal up to and including version 8.3.x doesn't provide access to all the required views plugins yet which means that you have to patch Drupal core before you install DRD.

Make StylePluginBase::renderFields public Patch Issue
Create a public read/write interface for $StylePluginBase::rendered_fields Patch Issue
Create public $DisplayPluginBase::getExtender($id) Patch Issue
Use override path for form actions if present Patch Issue

Updating to Drupal 8.3.0

If you used DRD before Drupal 8.3.0, please now use at least DRD 8.x-3.1 and note that the last patch in the table above has been updated, so please update your deployment configuration accordingly.

DRD 8.x-3.1 also upgraded its dependency for drupal/views_merge_rows from their 1.1 to their 2.1 version which requires the views that utilise that plugin to be updated. DRD comes with an update script to do that for you, which will update those views and by doing that, your own changes to those views might be lost. Please use Drupal's CMI to save and probably restore them afterwards.


On remote sites you have to install the DRD Agent module first.

Other dependencies:


Drupal 7 Version

We encourage everyone to migrate over to the Drupal 8 version, however the Drupal 7 version is still maintained but won't get any new features. Details and documentation has been moved to this documentation chapter.


You can find all the channels on how to get in touch in the documentation.

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