This project introduces a vendor independent framework for deeply monitoring Drupal and all its projects / modules. It provides a 360 degree perspective on Drupal system health, being a critical piece for true enterprise Drupal platforms.

Our goal is to make monitoring an affordable and well established standard feature. These days, every website is somehow mission critical and the era of lazy-/unmonitored enterprise applications needs to come to an end.

With this vendor independent definition, we recommend every contrib module to provide its own sensors that allows the measuring of module health by default.

The project "monitoring" is not a monitoring application by itself. It provides a lightweight sensor definition framework with a set of sensors that can be collected by any monitoring product. For that reason we have made integrations with the most popular Open Source products Nagios / Icinga (monitoring system) and Munin (trends monitoring grapher). We strongly recommend you use one of these that will be available "out of the box". Integrating additional monitoring products is possible and easy to do.

The project integrates with simplytest.me to automatically provide useful examples, so try it out!


The system is heavily tested and ready for use. Many sensors, services and integration for products (Munin, Nagios/Icinga) are available. There are no known major issues.


Sensor enable / disable, event logging, drush and services integration to list and run sensors.
Sensors: Node (all, per content type), comment, cron age, variable checks (maintenance mode, ...), requirements, search api index queue, queue, enabled modules and sensors, module updates, user activity (login, logout, sessions), dblog (per severity), page not found, image derivate generation error, migrate, past (db, form), commerce turnover, simplenews spool, maillog, elysia cron... and more coming!


Monitoring was built for D7. There will be no back port.


The code is verbosely documented. Further documentation will follow.

Supporting organizations: 
Initiation, Architecture, Implementation, Maintenance

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