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Sample Image from munin about Drupal page-load time

This module creates a shell script that acts as a plugin for the munin monitoring tool. It gathers information about your site und reports them in the way the munin server needs them. Munin itself displays them in a graphical way.


Update 4/22/11: The 6.x-2.x release is refactored to work with Drush.


Update 10/14/12: 7.x-2.x is the continuation of the work done by thebuckst0p (check release notes for more info)

--- Update 03/01/13: Finally a stable release for Drupal 7. For full list of changes check the release notes. This ships with a lot of improvements but also breaking changes. If you need assistance installing/upgrading please open an issue.

I would love to see this changes into the 6.x branch so I will probably spend some time on this but it would be much faster if I get some help. So anybody that uses the 6.x branch and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty with a bit of coding please file patches.

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