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This module defines the "money" field. It uses the Currency API, which is included in the Currency module, to get a list of existing currencies and their symbols.

Similar modules

- Currency
- Measured Value Field
- Units of Measurement (API)

Version 6.x

The form element for amount is reused from the Formatted Number CCK module. Decimal points and thousands separators are formatted using the Format Number API module, where these options are configured from site and/or user settings.

- Required modules: CCK, Currency API, Format Number API, Formatted Number CCK.
- Recommended modules: Checkall (enhances currency selection).
- Integrates with: Views, Diff, Token (builtin cck itself).
- Related modules: Apache Solr Money Slider.

The currency conversion dialog submodule requires jQuery 1.3.x (jQuery Update 6.x-2.x) and jQuery UI 1.7+ to work properly.

You may also want to check out Measured Value Field, which is pretty similar to Money field, but allows you to combine numeric fields with other units of measurement.

Version 5.x

Only amounts with 2 decimals can be used. Any decimal separator and any digit group separator can be used, but it defaults to the comma and the dot respectively, which is according to ISO 31-0. The separators can be changed at any point, only integers are stored in the database. You get six different field formatters, either using the currency code, the full name of the currency, or the currency symbol, all either before or after the amount.

- Required modules: CCK, Currency API
- Integrates with: Views, Token.

If you only want a drop down field for currency then you might want to take a look at owahab's CCK Currency module.


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