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Apache Solr Money Slider

Status:I have abandoned this module in favor of Drupal 7's Search API ranges', which can provide range sliders for any numerical field, and integrate with Views through Search API.

This module lets you index Money CCK fields for Apache Solr Search Integration and provides a jQuery UI slider widget (as a block per Money CCK field). Development was inspired by the popular TheFind search engine.

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Beware, this is a bleeding edge module and currently has the following exact requirements:

WARNING: For jQuery UI, be sure to download and install jQuery UI 1.7.x (follow
their README.txt),

Also make sure the jQuery base theme css exists at:
/jquery_ui/jquery.ui/themes/base/jquery-ui.css (included in the download)

Known issues

Once you get it to work, note that the Money CCK field currently may not have an empty value. Otherwise Apache Solr will not index the field and report a watchdog error. To solve this, please provide a default value of 0 USD under the default settings for the Money CCK fields you use.

Currently, it is probably not possible to have more than 1 slider block on the page. The jQuery may conflict.

Carefully read the README.txt provided for installation and configuration instructions!


  • Upgrade the module's requirements to the latest stable 6.x dependencies (Q1 2011)
  • Integrate with Apache Solr AJAX (Q1 2011)
  • Integrate with Apache Solr Views (Q1 2011)
  • Rework the module for Drupal 7.x. (by Q2-Q3 2011)


This module's further development is sponsored by Morningtime, a Drupal company from Munich, Germany.

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