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MVF module implements a field type that has number and unit of measurement. MVF supports both single values, and value ranges, where each range is pair of values that is treated like single value of field (i.e. field can have many ranges).
MVF module uses the Units module API, to get a list of units to work with. Thanks to this flexibility MVF can be used to setup: distances, weights, currencies, speeds, calories... list is endless.

Measured Value Field provides value range support (only 6.x), pluggable units support, flexible validation of values, min-max limits, easy setup of available units.

Technical Details

Single values are stored as pairs too: just their "To" value is equal to the "From" one.
For ranges there are also advanced Views filters implemented: you can filter using range overlap, and "in between" filter operator is aware of the range.

MVF 6.x Requirements

CCK, Units, Format Number, Formatted Number
Also you need atleast one Units integration module that implements unit types.

MVF 7.x Requirements

Units, Number module (ships in Drupal core), Entity Reference.


Measured Value Field integrates with Views, Diff and Token modules.

Installation and Usage

  1. Install and enable all required modules and MVF itself
  2. Create or edit content types and start adding Measured Value Fields.

Important: when upgrading MVF module, it's recommended also to install latest version of Units.

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