UAS (User activity stream) example

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The Message module is the core of the message stack. It enables logging and displaying system events in a number of different use cases. Events that are recorded over time are sometimes call activity streams. Exportable messages subtypes can be created for different use cases with custom fields and display (view) modes.

The other modules in the message stack are:

Message Notify – forward messages when they are generated
Message Subscribe – register to be notified when messages are generated for specific content.


  • Exportable message types
  • Fieldable message types
  • Support for display (view) modes
  • Multilingual support
  • Token support
  • Entity cache support
  • Template support
  • API hooks
  • Example module included


Entity API
Chaos tool suite (ctools)


See the message stack handbook.

Distributions Using Module

Commerce Kickstart 2.x
Drupal Commons 3.x
Open Scholar 3.x
Open Atrium 2.x

Related Modules

Message Notify
Message Subscribe



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