Message Digest is a plugin to the Message module which adds the ability to send email messages in a digest format every day or week, rather than on demand. This is useful for sites with too much activity for on demand messages to be useful, or with users who prefer to not get multiple emails a day.


This module provides two new notification plugins -- "digest_day" and "digest_week". Just use one of those as the $notifier_name for message_notify_send_message().

Doing so will prevent the message from sending an immediate notification, and instead will add it to the daily or weekly digest for that user which will be emailed on cron every day or week.

User Interface

This module provides no UI. If you want users to be able to choose their notification preferences via a UI, check out the Message Subscribe Email Frequency module.


If you'd like to use a different interval than "day" or "week", doing so is as easy as creating a new plugin with a custom interval. Take a look at this module's "digest_day" or "digest_week" plugin (under plugins/notifer/digest_*) and you'll see that all it needs to do is override the getInterval() function with some new interval string that will be accepted by strtotime().


  • 2 days
  • 6 hours
  • 3 weeks

Release-blocking todos

The following issues block a stable release:

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