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Updated January 17, 2017: beta9 release!
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Open Social - Social Business Software

Open Social is a distribution for building social communities and intranets. The distribution is positioned as the successor of Drupal Commons, taking full advantage of the new possibilities of Drupal 8.
Open Social is made by the same core team that created the award winning, Drupal based social community: 'Greenpeace Greenwire'. Open Social is a complete redesign and rewrite inspired by the lessons learned from this and other community projects.

Live Open Social projects:
Youth4Peace by GoalGorilla
Ankaakademi by Enes
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We recommend using Composer to install Open Social. See download and install instructions at the bottom of this page. Furthermore:

Read more about Open Social, the team and the process in featured case study and visit the dedicated project website on or follow @OpenSocialHQ on Twitter.

Help wanted! - Contribute to Open Social

Why should you get involved? :)

  1. You can use Open Social for your own projects and clients.
  2. You give back to the open-source community.
  3. As a Drupal freelancer or professional you improve your standing

We welcome code contributions, issue reports and translations. Learn how you can contribute in our Wiki. Please contact for any questions about contributing.

Feature Sponsors: The Pachamama Alliance, UNDP

The Open Social Manifesto

"Without Drupal distributions, we won't be able to successfully compete with commercial vendors. Drupal distributions have great potential, but we have to do them right, and we have to figure out how to make them sustainable." - Dries

We want to share our guide in creating the best open-source social platform in the world.
Open Social
Open Social empowers people to effectively collaborate and organize. Replacing traditional intranets, it fuels efficiency and creativity. It supports organisations to innovate bottom-up instead of top-down.

The Open Social distribution exists to lay a flexible groundwork to meet these goals. In order to do so the Open Social distribution must have:

  • World-class ease of use (on all devices)
  • Blazing fast (perceived) speed
  • Flexible customization and configuration (branding, integrations etc.)

We welcome and invite the (Drupal) open-source community to give feedback on the Social Manifesto.

Who are the people behind Open Social?

The project is developed by a core team of 14 people and is founded by GoalGorilla, a leading Drupal agency from The Netherlands based in Amsterdam.

GoalGorilla launched modules on as Realtime SEO for Drupal and Search Krumo and help organize and sponsor many events as the DrupalJam and the Drupal Splash Awards.

We are proud to be located at tech-hub TQ in Amsterdam and in the heart of Twente, The Netherlands. Tech clusters Amsterdam and Twente are both part of the StartupDelta: Europe’s largest startup ecosystem.

The Open Social platforms helps people all over the world to engage, collaborate and organize themselves in a variety of organizations. For a great example see the Greenpeace Greenwire case. Read some background info on our vision on open-source companies and learn how we build the Open Social project (video).

Open Social - social community

Installation instructions with Composer

You have two options to start using Open Social right away. For the most technically minded you can download Composer and follow the instructions below.


Download Open Social with the following command

composer create-project goalgorilla/social_template:dev-master DIR --no-interaction

Composer will create a new directory called DIR. Inside this newly created directory you will find the html folder with the entire code base of Open Social distribution. You should be able to install it like any other Drupal site by using Drush or through the UI.

Installation instructions with

You can deploy and host your installation through This makes installing and trying Open Social even easier. Get your free 30 day trail below.

Deploy on day free trial account)

Optionally generate demo content
By following these instructions (Drush support only for now)

More documentation is on our Github wiki. Instructions to install in Docker containers are also available there.

Commercial project support

For commercial enquiries please send us your project information through: - for support please see the issue queue.

Supporting organizations: 
Founder and lead of the project
Everybody connected to the Open Social initiative

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