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Open Social is a out of the box solution for online communities. Open Social is made by the same core team that created the award winning, Drupal based community: 'Greenpeace Greenwire'.

Security Update February 21: Version 1.10 is now available and contains the security release for Drupal Core - 8.4.5. Details in the release notes.

Latest news

  • February 16: We're polling which new feature is most important. See the results on Twitter.
  • February 14: GDPR Privacy legislation for the EU is less than 100 days away. Learn how we are preparing.

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For agencies and freelancers: Open Social pitching material

Winning clients is not easy. We'd like to help by providing pitching material. Just copy/paste it, adjust where needed and start pitching :)

Comments are open for feedback. Let us know what kind of information you need to win over clients!

For developers and site managers: roadmap, feedback and documentation

We recommend using Composer to install Open Social. See download and install instructions at the bottom of this page. Furthermore:

Commercial support and services

Open Social provides commercial support and services both by our core teams and our agency partners. A few examples:

Open Social (Security) Audit
Open Social Architecture Consultancy
Open Social Maintenance and Support
Open Social Performance Optimization (with
In-house Developer Training

For details please see our pricing and quote page.

Open Social
Open Social is a great match for external, knowledge and ideation communities. Our software is used by NGOs, governments and hundreds of organizations big and small to connect with their members, volunteers, employees and customers.

Customers regularly sponsor development of the Open Social distribution. Sponsors: The Pachamama Alliance, UNDP

Highlighted projects and showcases

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Installation instructions

You have two options to start working with Open Social yourself, for free:

  1. Install using Composer, recommended for the most technically minded and if you have your own hosting solution
  2. Install using, recommended for quick deployment and testing purposes (includes 30 day free trial)

Generating demo content is optional but recommended. Follow these instructions on generating demo content (Drush support only for now).
Still stuck? Explore the thorough guide to installing and updating which includes help for working with Docker.

1. Install using Composer

Download Composer and follow the instructions below. For more details read this blog on Composer based installation.


Download Open Social with the following command:

composer create-project goalgorilla/social_template:dev-master DIR --no-interaction

Composer will create a new directory called DIR. Inside this newly created directory you will find the html folder with the entire code base of Open Social distribution. You should be able to install it like any other Drupal site by using Drush or through the UI.

2. Install using

Deploy and host your installation through This makes installing and trying Open Social much easier than using Composer.

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Contribute to Open Social

"Without Drupal distributions, we won't be able to successfully compete with commercial vendors. Drupal distributions have great potential, but we have to do them right, and we have to figure out how to make them sustainable." - Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal)

Why should you get involved? :)

  1. You can use Open Social for your own projects and clients.
  2. You give back to the open-source community.
  3. As a Drupal freelancer or professional you improve your standing

We welcome code contributions, issue reports and translations. Learn how you can contribute in our documentation.

Supporting organizations: 
Founder and lead of the project
The Open Social initiative

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