Open Atrium, maintained by Phase2 Technology, is a Drupal distribution that allows you to confidently engage with your colleagues through convenient collaboration.

Open Atrium 2.x for Drupal 7

A new architecture for Drupal 7 that is built upon Organic Groups and Panopoly and intended as an extensible collaboration framework. Adds the ability to have private "sections" within a collaboration space with granular access control. Drag/drop layout control with dozens of widgets that can be placed on dashboards and landing pages. Comes with Discussions, Events, Files, Issue tracking, and Document Wiki out of the box, along with the dashboards to manage it all.

Sponsored by Phase2 Technology

Please use the Issue Queue to post bug reports and patches for OA2 only (not OA1).

System Requirements

In addition to the normal Drupal 7 requirements, you should ensure your PHP memory_limit is set to at least 256M and your MySQL max_allowed_packet is at least 32M. Increase max_execution_time to 60 seconds in php.ini. See the Documentation for help installing and updating.


The following webinar videos for Open Atrium 2 are available:

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