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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Phase2 is a digital agency moving industry leading organizations forward with powerful ideas and executable strategies built on open technology. We are experts at building and designing websites, applications, and digital platforms that position our clients to engage with their target audiences in any channel, on any device, wherever they may be.

Founded in 2001, we have offices in New York, DC, Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA.

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Drupal contributions

Features, Context, Spaces, OpenCalais, Admin, Boxes, Bean, State Machine, Akamai, ShortURL, Video Embed Field, and many more! Recently a contributor to Drupal 8 Accelerate.

Projects supported

Druminate, polly, Layout Config Block, Config Templates, Simple Podcast, Paragraphs Type Help, Recursive Clone, Video Embed JW Player, Paragraphs Codex, Config Actions, Zendesk Tickets, Views HTTP Pager, Excel Serialization, Entity Form Cancel Button, Schemata, Octane, Field Report, Pattern Lab, Pattern Builder Previewer, Paragraphs Previewer, Field Multiple Extended, Open Atrium Project, Pattern Builder, Open Atrium Theme, Open Atrium Site Layout, Open Atrium Export, Open Atrium Brand, Entity Edit Protection, XHProf FlameGraph, XHProf Sample, Open Atrium Drive, Open Atrium Google Drive, Number Double, OA Comment, Taxonomy Sync, Open Atrium Angular, Open Atrium Related Content, Panels Pane Automatic Menu, Open Atrium Files, Open Atrium Test, Open Atrium Search, Open Atrium Wizard, Open Atrium Sitemap, Open Atrium Markdown, Open Atrium Analytics, Open Atrium Devel, Open Atrium Appearance, Open Atrium Styles, Open Atrium Tour Defaults, Open Atrium Tours, Open Atrium Sandbox, Open Atrium Message Digest, Open Atrium HTML Email, Open Atrium Home, Open Atrium Favorites, Open Atrium Domains, Open Atrium Toolbar, Open Atrium Clone, Open Atrium Archive, Open Atrium Admin, Static Generator, Open Atrium Workbench, Open Atrium Print, Workbench Moderation Profile, Colorizer, Contextual Tabs, Open Atrium Subspaces, OG Session Context, Open Atrium Contextual Tabs, Features Items Template, Open Atrium Media, Open Atrium Core, Open Atrium Notifications, Open Atrium Radix, Open Atrium MailHandler, Open Atrium Documents, Open Atrium Discussion, Open Atrium Events Importer, Open Atrium Events, Command Buttons, Field Collection Bulkupload, Behat Drupal Extension, Google Translator, WYSIWYG Tools Plus, State Machine, Static 404, Video Embed Field, Google Analytics Statistics, Workbench Moderation, Document Cloud, Linked Data, OpenPublic, Features Override, Akamai, Open Atrium, FeedAPI De-Dupe, Tattler, Distro, Field Permissions, Short URL, Features, Charts and Graphs, Views Charts, OpenPublish, Topic Hubs, More Like This, Split Moderation

Credited on 52 issues fixed in the past 3 months