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Drupal Keyword Research

The Keyword Research module provides intelligence to help you explore, analyze and select better keyword phrases for your content directly from your website. It also enables you to quickly and easily organize your targeted keywords and tag pages using a variety of popular methods.

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The module provides reports on a keyword phrase's popularity and the popularity of suggested related phrases using various data sources such as; Wordtracker, Scribe SEO, WordStream and Google Adwords. It also provides convenient links to a variety of third party tools, such as Google Trends, Google traffic estimator and GoRank’s related keyword tool for additional insight.

It wraps any keywords generated by supporting modules and all keyword in research reports with a pop-up actions menu that enables one click popularity reports and adding & removing keywords in taxonomies, More Like This, and meta keywords.

Modules that support keyword actions are:

To get full reporting with integrated keyword statistics you will need to connect to or import from a 3rd party data source. The module will work without a 3rd party data source, still providing tools for organizing site keywords and tagging nodes and providing links to external tools for assessing keyword statistics. Currently the Keyword Research module supports:

While not required, it is highly recommended to use this module with the Content Analysis module to enable the full set of UI tools.

Requirements & recommendations

Required modules:

  • None

Recommended modules:

  • Content Analysis - provides advanced user interface enhancements integrating keyword research into the node edit form and other content analyzers.
  • Scribe SEO - provides additional data source for stats reports.
  • Alchemy - provides keyword extraction from node content to seed stats reports.
  • Keyword Analysis - provides simple keyword extraction from node content to seed stats reports.
  • Drupal SEO Tools - Complete content optimization suite. Streamlines installation and configuration of multiple modules.
  • Intelligence - Extends Google Analytics tracking and integrates graphical reports into Drupal admin. Provides node level metrics scorecards and detail reports.


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