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The Content Analysis module is an API designed to help modules that need to analyze content. The module enables a suite of content analyzers to provide multiple views into the content on your Drupal site or on any website. The current list of available analyzers are:

  • Quick SEO: Provides a quick and easy analysis of content to help your site rank better in the search engines for a specific keyword.
  • Scribe SEO: Provides advanced analysis of content to help your site rank better in the search engines. Also provides keyword extraction and guidance.
  • Readability: Grades content based on five popular automated readability tests for content
  • W3C Analyzer: Test content for W3C validation
  • Keyword Research: Provides an array of tools for analyzing and discovering keyword phrases. Also helps with tagging nodes with keywords.
  • Alchemy: Advanced keyword extractor able to auto-generate keywords, concepts and entities (people, places, events, etc) from page content based on the Alchemy service. (free API key available)
  • Keyword Analysis: Quick and simple keyword extractor that generates keyword phrases from page content.

The API enables modules to analyze:

  • nodes from the node edit form (node edit demo)
  • any page on your Drupal site from a custom block form (block demo)
  • any page on the web from an admin form (admin form demo)
  • free form content from an admin form

Note: Content Analysis is an API only and by itself provides no functionality. You only need it if you want to use an analyzer module (see list above) that needs it or if you want to build your own content analyzer.

Requirements & recommendations



  • See list of analyzers above
  • Content list reports:
    D7 - Insight
    D6 - SEO Friend
  • Drupal SEO Tools - Complete content optimization suite. Streamlines installation and configuration of multiple modules.
  • Intelligence - Extends Google Analytics tracking and integrates graphical reports into Drupal admin. Provides node level metrics scorecards and details reports.


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