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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

QED42 is a full service agency for web and mobile applications. We specialise in Design, Drupal and Product engineering with Agile as our Project management methodology.

7 years in industry, we have delivered large Drupal projects for Acquia, Nestle, MGM Resorts, SABMiller, Novartis, Warner Music Group, UBM, IIT Bombay, Stanford University, TISS, HP, FILA etc and have extensive experience on Drupal commerce, Publishing / workflows, Enterprise applications and 3rd Party integrations.

Our Services:

  • UX and Interaction Design
  • Drupal Development & Audit
  • Javascript Application Development ( Specialisation on nodejs / Angular / Polymer - Multiple Production apps )
  • Mobile application Development ( Ionic with Drupal or node.js as backend )
  • MVP Consultancy & Tech leadership in Product engineering

Open source and Drupal is critical for our success and we contribute regularly to Drupal both with code and in community initiatives. Please see below some of our contributions to community and Drupal projects.

Drupal contributions

Contributions to the community:

  • Drupal Campus Ambassador Program Supporting Organisation -- Website, Sponsorship and Volunteer Time
  • Supporting Partner, Drupal Association
  • Gold Sponsor, Drupalcon Asia 2016
  • QED42 Drupal developers & Project Managers have spoken at Drupalcon Asia, New Orleans, Dublin and at various Drupal camps in India
  • Gold Sponsor, Drupalcamp Pune 2016
  • Silver Sponsor, Drupalcamp Bangalore 2015
  • Host and Co-organiser for Drupal code sprints in Pune
  • Gold Sponsor, Drupalcamp Delhi - 2015
  • Silver Sponsor, Drupalcamp Mumbai - 2015
  • Bronze Sponsor, Drupalcamp Hyderabad - 2015
  • Gold Sponsor, Drupalcamp Pune - 2014
  • Platinum Sponsor, Drupalcamp Mumbai 2011
  • Sponsored Drupalcamp Mumbai 2012
  • Co-organizer of Drupalcamp Pune 2009, 2010, 2015
  • Co-organizer of Pune Drupal Meetups
  • Co-organizer of Drupal documentation sprint pune led by Addison Berry

Contributions to projects:

Please check below for exhaustive list of Projects supported in last 3 months.

Projects supported

Views Extras (Session/Cookie/Token Support), Way2SMS, OpenWeather, Simply | Drupal 8 Theme, Field Load More, Skeleton D8, Minimax Theme, Drupal Reset D8, Add To Calendar , CSSGram - Recreating Instagram Filters, HTML5Lib, Media Vidme, Nocaptcha Recaptcha, Video Embed Vidme, DTuber, Deactivate Account, Commerce Referral Discount, Better Search Block, Age Checker, Content Dashboard, Commerce Product Kit, XPath Content Importer, Quora - Related Questions / Posts, Wget Static - Generate HTML and Save To FTP / Webdav, Extra body classes, Recovery Password (Email New Password) , Ooyala WYSIWYG, Formula Field, ToDoist API, usamap, Webform Scoring, Views Negate, jquery carousel, Webform References, Video Embed Soundcloud, Video Embed Ustream, Better Field Descriptions, Multi-Step Registration, Commerce First Time Customer Discount, Webform Confirmation, Total Subscription, FreeGeoIP, Social Stats, Media Sitemap, Better Login, Extra Field Description, Captcha Questions, Soundslides, Search Interests (grassroots), Skeleton, Automatic Entity Label, Time Spent, Drupal Reset, Shorten URLs, Search Engine Referers, Paybox, Google Custom Search Engine, Republish - Node Content in an overlay, Automated Logout

Credited on 223 issues fixed in the past 3 months