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Scribe SEO Score

Scribe SEO is an search engine optimization software service for Drupal and other CMS platforms - think of it as a content optimization assistant - that analyzes web pages, blog posts, and online press releases at the click of a button.

Scribe then tells web writers of any kind how to tweak their content to get more search engine traffic, all while maintaining quality reader-focused copy.

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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process can generally be defined as four key parts; content, keywords, site structure and links. Most SEO activity focuses on one or all of these areas.

Scribe is designed to help authors/writers participate in the SEO process through the intelligent review and analysis of the content on the page.

First, we review the structure of the content. Next, we review the semantic structure of the document to find the most relevant keyword terms based on search behavior and identify how you can better use these terms within your content. Finally we score the content and provide an overview of how well you are meeting SEO best practices for content organization.

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The Scribe module provides an implementation of Keyword Research API so it can act as a data source for Keyword Research module

Requirements & recommendations

Required modules:

Recommended modules:

  • Page Title
  • Keyword Research - provides advanced keyword research tools and enables AJAX tagging of keywords for sitewide keyword list and node keywords
  • SEO Friend - for reporting in a node list format


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