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The Content Optimizer module helps to increase your site’s search engine (e.g. Google) rankings by improving on-page optimization factors and insuring your content conforms to Drupal SEO best practices. It enables a quick SEO analyzer that provides instant analysis of any site content as a quick and easy guide to assure SEO best practices are consistently followed. The analysis displays vital content statistics and recommendations for improving search engine rankings.

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Leveraging the Content Analysis API it provides multiple interfaces to quickly analyze any page on your Drupal site (or any page on any website for that mater):

  • Node edit– enables you to optimize content while adding or editing nodes without having to leave the node edit form or saving the node. (node edit demo)
  • Block – Provides a block to search optimize any page on your site including themed nodes, views, panels and coded pages. (block demo)
  • Admin form – provides additional analysis input options including a text area for optimization of free form content, a URL input enabling analysis of any accessible page on the web, and a node id input for analysis of saved nodes. (admin form demo)

The optimizer performs the analysis via an AJAX call returning data in a Chaos Tools modal dialog as not to interrupt content workflow. The analysis tool calculates content statistics for each vital page section, including character count, word count, keyword count, keyword density and keyword prominence. Search engine optimization recommendations are generated based by comparing content statistics with SEO guidelines and best practices.

The Content Optimizer also works with Page Title and Meta Tags (AKA Nodewords) for enhanced page optimization.

As of version 2.0 this project is an analyzer implementing the Content Analysis API.

Requirements & recommendations

Required modules:

Recommended modules:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Tags (AKA Nodewords)
  • SEO Friend (for reporting in a node list format)
  • Drupal SEO Tools - Complete content optimization suite. Streamlines installation and configuration of multiple modules.
  • Intelligence - Extends Google Analytics tracking and integrates graphical reports into Drupal admin. Provides node level metrics scorecards and detail reports.

See this article for a complete list of Drupal SEO modules. If you have any SEO tips, hints or help you think we should include let us know.


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