This project implements a filter framework for easier creation of HTML links to other pages on the site or to external sites.

The framework uses a wiki style format such as [[indicator:target]] as markup to identify links. For example: [[nodetitle:Page One]] becomes:

<a href="/node/1" title="Page One"
  class="freelink freelink-nodetitle freelink-internal">Page One</a>


Freelinking currently supports the following links:

  • Local nodes by title.
  • Local nodes by nid.
  • Local paths by path.
  • Local files in the public files directory by file name.
  • Local user profiles by uid or user name.
  • Local search for a string.
  • pages by nid.
  • projects by project name.
  •,,,, and pages by page title.
  • Google search for a string.

Sorry for the inconvenience

I've pulled releases 7.x-3.6 and 7.x-3.7 because they may break when you try to update your site. If you've managed to install 7.x-3.6 without incident, you can go on using it. For a fix if you've tried to install 7.x-3.7, please see #2469801: Make the Advanced Help Hints module a requirement... somehow.

The best option, if updating to 7.x-3.6 or 7.x-3.7 failed, is to update directly to version 7.x-3.8.

Important: Updating to 7.x-3.8

Note: Please do not install versions 7.x-3.6 or 7.x-3.7, as they may fail to update correctly.

Before updating to version 7.x-3.8 of the module you must install and enable the following module on your site before updating: Advanced help hint.

Also, run the update script to make sure it is properly enabled.

Failing to do so will trigger the following error message in 7.x-3.6 when you try to visit some of the tabs in the admin GUI: Call to undefined function advanced_help_hint_docs() ...

Implementing new freelinking formats

Freelinking has an extensible framework (based upon plugins) that can be used to create new freelinking formats. Developers may use this to create special linking formats for custom sites.

If you create a format you think others may want to use, please create a new issue ("Contributed plugin ...") and upload the plugin code to the project's issue queue. It will be included as a plugin with the next release if it passes community review.


Recommended modules

  • Advanced help:

    When this module is enabled, you will have access to extended online help.

Related modules

  • Included in the package is the Freelinking Prepopulate submodule that provides a prepopulated link to create content if the content with the node title linked to does does not already exist. This submodule requires Prepopulate.

Support Status

A version for Drupal 8 is now being developed, but it in alpha stage. Reported bugs for the Drupal 7 branch will be fixed in a timely manner. Older versions are no longer supported.

Community support in the form of patches are welcome for both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 versions, and will be given priority. For QA, the project needs community support in the form of reviews of patches, development versions and releases.

The maintainers hope that the community is willing to help out by answering & closing support requests.


Any help with development (patches, reviews, comments) are welcome.

Project information