This is a small API module that may be used by other modules to generate a hint string intended for insertion into the project's hook_help. It has no adminsitrative UI and will not do anything by itself; install this module only if some other module tells you to.

The hint string may link to to online documentation, and also to the help texts provided by Advanced help, or README.txt.

I created this module because I found that I've replicated the same pattern in hook_help in every Drupal module I maintain. Replicated patterns consumes memory, and are harder to maintain. Instead, to make use of this pattern, call the function this module provides.

The major features of Advanced help hint are:

  1. If Advanced help is not enabled, and you've indicated that there are helps file in your repo, it will suggest that it is enabled.
  2. If Advanced help is enabled, it will generate a link to whatever help it makes available.
  3. If you tell it that online documentation for your module exists, it will generate a link to that as well.

Recommended modules

  • Advanced Help:
    When this module is enabled, help files created with its framework will become available, or or README.txt will be available in the sites's adminsitrative UI.
  • Markdown filter:
    When this module is enabled, display of the project's will be rendered with the markdown filter.

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