The advanced help module allows module developers to store their help outside the module system, in pure .html or .md (MarkDown) files. The html-files can be easily translated simply by copying them into the right translations directory. The entire system can appear in a popup or not as the module prefers (and by taking away access to view the popups, a site can force the popups to not exist).

The system ties into Drupal's search system and is fully indexed, so the entire contents can be searched for keywords. the help files can be placed in a hierarchy as well, allowing for top down navigation of the help.

By itself, this module doesn't do much; it requires another module to supply any help text (but it comes with an example of text from Wikipedia to demonstrate the system).

Accessing Advanced help

When this module is installed, users with the view advanced help index permission can access the advanced help index by going to Administration » Help » Advanced help Additional view advanced help popup and view advanced help topic permissions enable them to access the actual help pages and popups.

Recommended module

  • Advanced help hint:
    If Advanced help is not enabled, this module will generate a hint string that can be used in the project's hook_help to hint that Advanced help should be enabled.

Known problems

This module is incompatible with the Fast 404 module. Installing Fast 404 will produce 404 (File not found) errors if you try to look up README.txt-files. See this issue #2039371: All README.txt links result in 404 Not Found for more information.


Supporting organizations: 
sponsors maintenance of the D7 version

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