Note: As of 2009/01/12, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #440686: Is File integrity check still maintained? (Request to merge into protection.module).

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Some call them 'core hacks' or 'hacking core', others call it 'valuable additions'. Whatever the terminology used, if you've inherited a website that might have a set of compromised files, the result is the same. It comes back to bite you when you're upgrading your Drupal site or installing a new module.

You need a way to check and see whether the copy of Drupal is still virgin? Or what if you'd like to check if the update/upgrade went well and all changed files are uploaded correctly? Use the File Integrity Check module!

Here's where the File integrity module could come in handy: Using a file containing all md5 hashes of an official Drupal major/minor release this module can detect missing, changed and unknown files in your Drupal installation.

Note: This is not a security related module(!) as both the hashes and the files are stored on your own server, it's merely an easy tool to check if your code is still the way you've downloaded it...

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