Provides Markdown filter integration for Drupal input formats. The Markdown syntax is designed to co-exist with HTML, so you can set up input formats with both HTML and Markdown support. It is also meant to be as human-readable as possible when left as "source".

There are many different Markdown implementation. Markdown filter uses "PHP Markdown extra" that includes many common and useful extensions to the original Markdown. This includes tables, footnotes and definition lists.

Read more about Markdown at:

Markdown editor

If you are interested in a Markdown editor please check out the Markdown editor for BUEditor module.

Important note about running Markdown with other input filters

Markdown may conflict with other input filters, depending on the order in which filters are configured to apply. If using Markdown produces unexpected markup when configured with other filters, experimenting with the order of those filters will likely resolve the issue.

Filters that should be run before Markdown filter includes:

Filters that should be run after Markdown filter includes:

The "Limit allowed HTML tags" filter is a special case:

For best security, ensure that it is run after the Markdown filter and
that only markup you would like to allow via HTML and/or Markdown is
configured to be allowed.

If you on the other hand want to make sure that all converted Markdown
text is perserved, run it before the Markdown filter. Note that blockquoting
with Markdown doesn't work in this case since "Limit allowed HTML tags" filter
converts the ">" in to ">".

Smartypants support

This module is a continuation of the Markdown with Smartypants module. It only includes Markdown support and it is now suggested that you use Typogrify module if you are interested in Smartypants support.

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