Moneris is a payment solution for Canada and US.

It supports also Moneris HPP payment system (included as a separate module in 2.x).


Commerce Moneris is a payment module that integrates the Moneris payment system with Drupal Commerce.

Version 2.x

In this version the module has been rewritten almost from the scratch, reorganising the code, introducing multiple new features and making it more in-line with Drupal Commerce good practices.

Supported payment methods

  • API Integration Method (on-site) - description for US and CA
  • Hosted Pay Page Method (HPP) (off-site) - description for US and CA

New features

  • support for Purchase/Refund/PreAuth/Capture/Reverse/ReAuth transactions
  • support for eFraud (CVD and AVS verification)
  • support for transaction verification through Asyncronous Transaction Response (HPP)
  • support for cURL CA Root Certificate for SSL connection
  • support for currency conversion
  • independent configurations for US/CA gateways and test/prod environments
  • additional request/response debugging

Upgrading from version 1.x

Please note there is no upgrade path from version 1.x of the module.

Generally it is advised to disable and uninstall previous version of the module completely (including deleting the remaining payment methods after the module has been uninstalled) before downloading and enabling the new version.

See more info in the module main README.txt file.

Version 1.x

WARNING: The 1.x version of this module module does not currently communicate CVD or AVS information to Moneris and is no longer recommended. Please use the 2.x version if at all possible. See issue #2272701 for more details.

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