Bear is an Installation Profile to be used as an alternative to Minimal or Standard when installing a Drupal website.


Bear sets up Drupal with contributed modules and configuration that are useful for many different types of website applications. Bear also applies critical patches to Drupal core, contributed modules, and libraries that have not yet been committed to the repository.

Bear includes the Bear Skin theme, which enables a responsive Zen sub-theme with a responsive main menu out of the box.

Bear is a Starter Kit, not a full Drupal Distribution. Feel free to edit its Features directly and update modules like you would on any normal Drupal installation. DO NOT update the Bear Installation Profile after initial site creation. Create a new site and start over with a fresh copy of the latest Bear release.


  • Pre-configured CKEditor WYSIWYG with Media module Integration
  • Flexslider Views Slideshow
  • Responsive Bear Skin theme
  • Responsive Menu via Mean Menu
  • Sticky Footer option available
  • Site building and developer tools like Views, Panels, and Devel.

Contributed Modules

Currently included contributed modules:

Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities, included in Bear, configures a WYSIWYG with Media integration.

Bear Habitat

Bear Habitat, included in Bear, sets different enabled modules and settings depending on the environment (prod, test, dev, or local). See Habitat.

Bear Skin

Bear uses Bear Skin theme by default.


Bear Hunt is a project that configures Search API with Solr to have a sitewide search page.


Sponsored by Zivtech.

Project Information