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Zivtech is a Philadelphia web design and web development shop that specializes in open source software programming. Our team tightly integrates its Drupal design and Drupal development work. We collaborate with our clients to deliver beautiful, intuitive, and highly scalable websites and web applications. Zivtech works with clients ranging from internet startups, to large non-profits, to Fortune 500 companies.

Drupal contributions

Zivtech is an active member of the open source software communities in which we work, most notably the Drupal community. We believe community participation is essential to the expertise and professional development of our team. We advance the open source platforms on which we work by contributing our time, code, and knowledge. In return, we stay on the cutting-edge of technology and our work benefits from consistent peer review.

We contribute in a variety of ways, including:

  • Giving our employees time to work on Drupal projects
  • Releasing, maintaining, and patching contributed modules
  • Patching Drupal Core
  • Assisting with, including the Git migration and Drupal 7 upgrade
  • Organizing, hosting, and sponsoring Drupal meetups, camps, and conferences
  • Conducting sessions at Drupal meetups, camps, and conferences
  • Evangelizing Drupal at non-Drupal-specific events
  • Training new Drupal users at public and private workshops
  • Improving documentation and contributing case studies
  • Writing blog posts for the Drupal Planet

Projects supported

CSV2Fields, Field help helper, ColResizable, CKEditor Media Embed Plugin, Check, Bear Habitat, Media Internet Text Widget, Bear Homepage, Bear Slideshow, Page Manager Templates, Views Default View Override, Bear Skin (Pattern Lab Integrated), Habitat, Fetcher Backups, Fitbit, In-network Links, Bear Hunt, Bear, Fetcher Services, Drush Fetcher, Tony, Facetapi Select, Webform Entity, Node.js integration, Styles, Roboconf, Book Bridge, Education Field, Embedded Media Field, Media

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Zivtech conducts public and private Drupal training workshops for all skill levels, from newbies to seasoned developers. Our team specializes in creating advanced and custom curricula for our clients. Please visit our Drupal Training page for more information.