Example menu using simple style
Example using codrops' Multi
Example using Mean Menu
Example using Sidr
Example using Google Nexus
Responsive Menus admin form


Responsify your menus! Just give me a CSS/jQuery style selector of your menu and I will make it mobile friendly (when the time is right).

Technically you could set this to affect any element on the page... e.g. collapse a sidebar or content area at a certain screen width.
(Using certain styles).


  • Choose from different responsive menu styles.
  • Configure any amount of menus to be responsified (certain styles have limitations).
  • Configure at which screen width they should be handled.
  • Include / exclude admin pages. (more options with Context)
  • Disable other mouse events.
  • Remove other classes/IDs.
  • Context module integration.
  • Easily theme-able.

Responsive Menu styles:

Screenshots in same order as this list:

  1. 'Simple', a lightweight style.
  2. codrops' Responsive Multi-Level Menu*
  3. MeanMenu
  4. Sidr*
  5. codrops' Google Nexus*
  6. Next? Open a feature request ticket if you find a style that belongs here.

Items marked with '*' require Libraries 2.x unless you use hook_responsive_menus_styles_alter() to include your own path to files. More details in README.txt

Other styles I would like to add in the future based on interest:
Flip Menu
Slick Nav
Radial Responsive - This one is interesting, but is it responsive?

Similar Projects

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Should work in all major browsers and IE 9+
Varies between styles - usually for the better (meaning some work in IE 8 or older versions).

  • Menu Attach Block: Put blocks in your menus.
  • Context: Use more advanced display rules, or multiple responsive menu configurations.


Optionally integrates with Context, Libraries 2.x, & jQuery Update modules.

Try the demo

Test any of the styles here

Good to know

Note about codrops' Multi style:
Will only be applied on page load, so it must meet the width requirement at that time (no browser-dragging to test).

Must clear caches after downloading a library (style plugin)
This is just a requirement of the libraries module.

See responsive_menus.api.php in the module folder for hooks & examples of integrating your own library, loading existing ones differently, or removing requirements of a library.

Interested in helping out? See: #2257371: [meta] ROADMAP / Next release items

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