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Backerymails - Cover

Backerymails is awesome because it merges every must-have features about mails such:

  • Save every going out mails using the MailManagerInterface & provides a user interface to retrieve them
  • Can intercepts all going out mails and reroutes them to some configurable email(s) address(es)
  • Additionally you can immediately display the mail through devel dpm()

You need Backerymails if

  • You send mails using the default Drupal 8 integration - MailManagerInterface.
  • You want to keep a trace of sent mails.
  • You want to reroutes every going out mails for developments purpose.
  • You need to test the mail functionality of other modules or the drupal core
  • You create statistics about sent mails.
  • Your need to keed a backup of every sent mails to prevent any troubles with providers or sending methodology.
  • You want to customize the backup/logging page using Views.

Backerymails can do a lot more than that, but those are some of the obvious uses of Backerymails.

Backerymails versions

Backerymails is only available for Drupal 8 !

The module is ready to be used in Drupal 8, there are no known issues.


The Drupal 8 version of Backerymails requires Views and Mail System.

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