This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Maillog provides an easy possibility to log all Mails for debugging purposes. It's possible to prevent the mails to being sent, so there is no need for an extra mail server to test the mail functionality of other modules or the drupal core. Additionally you can immediately display the mail through the devel dpm() facility.

If you like to upgrade from a previous dev release, please disable, uninstall and reinstall again. There's no upgrade procedure yet.

Drupal 7

An initial version is now available. Please help improve it, it still needs some work.
There's no mail wrapper / chain integration like in drupal 6 yet.

Drupal 6

Supported APIs and modules

  • All Modules which use the drupal_mail and drupal_mail_send functions to send a mail.
  • Mimemail and other modules which implements mimemail mailengine specification.

Similar modules

More information

There is no extra documentation available. But the most things should be self explaining.
To get started:

Issue Reports

Before reporting an issue always test with the latest release to see if you problem has already been fixed.


  • Cleaner header display (table?)
  • Improve mail content display (mimetype html and multipart mime)
  • Check related modules and add features that make sense


Recording mails is in objection to some legal regulations. We reject all responsibility for your decisions taken.

Supporting organizations: 
Initiation, Architecture, Implementation, Maintenance
Ongoing support.

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