Packt Publishing, the company behind many well-known Drupal books, is also responsible for the Open Source Awards, an annual online event held to distinguish excellence among open source projects. Winners of this competition receive cash awards that go to support their projects. Over the past five years, Drupal has won thousands of dollars in award competitions sponsored by Packt, due in no small part to the strength and passion of our community.

This year, Drupal is up against historic rivals Joomla! and WordPress in the Hall of Fame CMS category. The winning project will receive $2,500.

How can you help make Drupal win? Just go to Packt’s site and cast your vote. But don’t delay, as the competition is only open until November 5.

Packt is also giving away a free Amazon Kindle to a randomly selected voter. Help support Drupal by voting today!


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Here's hoping I win a kindle :D

John Forsythe
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Voted too!

I want the kindle :)

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Drupal Drupal Drupal how could we lived without! ?

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Drupal! I love it, is hopping I win a kindle.


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Nice :)
Fingers crossed, as per instructions lol.

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I too voted, many a times, using a single email id! I was just testing, if the voting could be manipulated. How come Packt allows anybody to vote more than 1 time? Shouldn't they restrict one vote per category per email id? Unless until Packt does something to prevent this, the voting can be miss-used.

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I also voted twice with my name and same email! Packt should send verification code via Mobile SMS and have dual validation i.e mobile + email to ensure that the votes are unique.


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They just could filter the double votes at the end, let's say for example merge them by IP or Email.

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Hi Guys,

Julian from Packt here, correct we will filter out double votes from the same email and the voting page also logs your IP address. However please do vote only once, it only gives my team more work :)



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I am good? =)))

You could print the votes out and let them sorty it by hand =)) Makes even more work! =))

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Yeaahhh.. Voted! may Drupal win again, and a prize draw for an Amazon Kindle is going to me.. lol..

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I have voted for Drupal too, I could not help but notice that Packt Publishing also uses Drupal :-). I guess they would know best.

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Voted! Let the winning streak continue.

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Drupal Drupal
All the way! Let's make it the Winner of the Way

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voted, fingers crossed!

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Another vote goto Drupal!!

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Voted for Drupal.......:)

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I feel this vote can be spam easily as they don't do email verification as well as captcha, etc.

Anyway voted already.

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Just read posts above, they log the IP and do a filtering later. =)

I just had the work to vote 4 times with different e-mails, but on the same IP

Franz | Propeople Inc.

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I just voted and strongly believe Drupal will carry the day. So far so good, drupal is the linux of web.

Edemicity, Ghana

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Drupal is the best and it definitely gonna win again!!!

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Thank you to the devs and community for an awesome product. +1 for Drupal!

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I voted!

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I'm addicted, see

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Voted! :)

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...for Joomla. I feel bad for those guys.

Naw, just kidding. ;) Excelsior!

Tom Geller * * Oberlin, Ohio
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I voted for a well organized project. We are all winners!

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Voted : )

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Voted for the winner this year too

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May the best CMS win...and thats Drupal ;)

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Voted....Drupal of course!

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This should be a clear win for drupal... only question is, will i win the kindle :-)

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Drupal all the way!

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Go Drupal, go!

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Voted for Drupal! for ever!

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Voted !

Vive Drupal !

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Go drupal go !!!

You are the best !!!

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Drupal not even in the top 3 of the overall winners last year?!? Yet won it in 2008?!? Something strange going on there.


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In 2009, Drupal and Joomla were removed from the Overall category since they had been the the top two winners for years (and thus letting WordPress win it.)

Drupal and Joomla were put into the Hall of Fame competition, which Drupal won.

So if you add the Hall of Fame to the Overall winners, the ranking would be, in order: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, ModX, and Silverstripe.


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Thanks! That's very helpful to understand what's happening.


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Voted for drupal, Most eligible winner for this year's hall of fame.


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Yashesh Bhatia

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I hope drupal wins. It is most amazing cms i have ever used.
Thanks to drupal developers and contributors.’s picture

A vote for Drupal of course!

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Drupal is nice to use

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Drupal is to joomla like Mercedes SLR is to Fiat Panda. I tried Joomla and everyone is trying to make big bucks for the most basic functionality that we take for granted in Drupal. I wish I could give more to the community, but I am just learning!

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Go Drupal! Voted away for my favorite CMS, good luck~

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The best CMS out there!

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Good luck !