Drupal 7 is moving along nicely, and is becoming increasingly stable. We just released a second alpha release, fixing a number of critical bugs, following our initial alpha release in January. Alpha releases are to give Drupalistas something to download and test, so they can report and help fix bugs.

When will we switch to betas? We will switch to betas when the upgrade path from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 is working. Once we hit beta, we will become increasingly strict about accepting any more changes and we'll also commit to making HEAD to HEAD upgrades work.

Finally, we'll start rolling release candidates once the number of critical bugs is zero (or close to zero). To help us focus on critical bugs, we're working on adding a 'major' severity level to our ticketing system, making the options 'critical', 'major', 'normal' and 'minor'. 'Major' bugs would be really bad, but not necessarily block a release. For example, bugs that don't prevent Drupal from working, or that only affect a fraction of the Drupal population would be prioritized for fixing in follow-up releases. Critical bugs are those that badly break Drupal, or that are a major regression compared to Drupal 6.

Where are we right now? There are currently about 150 remaining bugs that need to be fixed. These bugs are real, and not always trivial to fix because a lot of background and domain expertise can be required. As a result, some bug reports seemingly depend on one or two people to fix them. Therefore, it is very important that we encourage and mentor new people to help fix some of these difficult bugs. I'd like to ask all sub-system maintainers to watch their sub-system's issue queues closely (like Moshe did recently), and to provide the leadership to help us make progress. If we do and we work hard, I think we can still release Drupal 7 in Q2. If not, I'm worried that Drupal 7 might not be released until Q3.

In other words, let's all try to put some extra time and effort into fixing the remaining bugs, and let's start to be laser-focused on the critical ones. It would make for quite a party if we could roll a first release candidate in time for DrupalCon San Francisco on April 19th. I would have to sing on stage from happiness, or something. Thanks!

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cwells’s picture

Can I hold you to that?

if ($date > 04192010 && $date <= 04212010 && $drupal_ver >= 7xRC1) {

? :)


muximus’s picture

lmao classic

encho’s picture

:-) can't wait

abautu’s picture

I suspect Drupal 7 will be released before April 20th, 2012. In your own date format, $date = 04202012. Since, (04202012 > 04192010 && 04202012 <= 04212010 && $drupal_ver >= 7xRC1) is true, I can tell you for sure that Dries will sing. It's only a matter of when and what.

Unless, there's a bug in the code and it should be ($date > 20100419 && $date <= 20100421 && $drupal_ver >= 7xRC1)... ;)

Tresler’s picture

it would either be




unless dries() is very robust.... no comment.

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deng17’s picture

I'm looking forward to it.

Good luck ^^

scottzland’s picture

Hope success for New Release,..

chriscalo123’s picture

I hope the v7 doesn't break too many things! Can't wait either!

kevinquillen’s picture

I would like to assist with bugs if I get some time freed up in the next month or so.. it will also help me to learn the changes to Drupal 7 API.

What's the best way to get involved and collaborate?

jhodgdon’s picture

If you click on "Contribute" on the top Drupal.org navigation menu, and from there click on "Development", there are a couple of pages that will give you some pointers about what you can do to help and how to get set up and communicate with the rest of the development team.

Rather than repeat those suggestions here, I'll just point you to the link: http://drupal.org/contribute/development

Thanks for your willingness to help!

kevinquillen’s picture

Thank you

Dr.Katte’s picture

If Drupal 7 is not released in Q2, I may migrate to Wordpress.
Just kidding!

chadadam23’s picture

lol why would you do that. drupal is way better than wordpress. I am looking forward to drupal 8. So we can really see what is in store for the future!!!

J. Daglees’s picture

Can't wait for D7 stable! Already testing it on my machine. Hoping it gets released in Q2 as well.

juliangb’s picture

I am somewhat concerned that the new 'major' status will mean that critical bugs are let out into the release and affect stability of the first proper release.

Perhaps we could have some confirmation that true critical bugs will remain marked as critical rather than using the 'major' get out clause?

cosmicdreams’s picture

Dries, I think you should clarify if you intend the major bug level to be a show stopper bug or not. Do "major" bugs categorically block the release of the next version?

webchick’s picture

Criticals block release, Majors are "Wow, that's really bad!" but will not block release.

Here's what I would see as a typical example of where this breaks down, just from a random sampling of the issue queue right now:

Upgrade path doesn't work: critical; we absolutely cannot release Drupal 7 with a broken upgrade path, for hopefully obvious reasons.

Shortcut module completely lacks test coverage: major; This is a really bad problem, since we are actively introducing regressions right and left while this module lacks test coverage, but it does not prevent us from releasing. It's something we should definitely have as a high priority, though.

Right now, both of these are labeled "critical", because the next step down is "normal" and an entire module missing test coverage is definitely way more severe than "normal." Distinguishing these types of issues (in addition to really nasty bugs that happen to exist in all Drupal versions and therefore can't qualify as 'release blockers') is what the new "major" priority will be for, so we get an accurate picture of how close we are to 7.0.

Hope that helps!

jweowu’s picture

If we do and we work hard, I think we can still release Drupal 7 in Q2. If not, I'm worried that Drupal 7 might not be released until Q3.

Producing a stable release is the important thing, and the D7 developers have made fantastic strides towards making that possible. I hope you don't fall at the final hurdles because you're trying to match an arbitrary schedule. And don't lower your standards just so that you can say that there aren't any more "critical" issues remaining (after all the emphasis on testing, would you really consider a final release if a core module had no tests???).

(Although I think webchick is saying that "Major" issues most definitely should be addressed before a release, but there might be circumstances that cause them to be left unresolved. I guess I'm just saying that those circumstances shouldn't be purely time-related.)

The prospect of a Q3 release shouldn't be something to "worry" about. There's no need to cut corners. Drupal 6 remains a good platform in the meantime.

kaakuu’s picture

@jweowu - well said, I agree. There is no hard and fast rule that every major release have to take place every 3 or 4 years or so. Think of users that has to manage actual content and not the CMS itself - product released with "major" bugs are still bugs and the hapless user has to upgrade and upgrade, and upgrade.

If that has been the rule how softwares worked, well there can be a pardigm shift now just like some components that are introduced in the new Drupal. How about a really very innovative and user friendly way about a release - hand over a complete release, for a change? Is there anything impossible? Solve it/those for a change.

darrenmothersele’s picture

Introducing a new classification for bugs sounds a bit like the government announcing a drop in unemployment figures after changing the way they measure unemployment.

Totally agree that producing a stable release is the most important thing, not the timing. Drupal 7 is bound to get a huge amount of press when it is released and I think getting the D7 release right is vital for the credibility of the community. This includes having an awesome stable core product, and stable releases of all major contrib modules.

webchick’s picture

The thing to remember about Drupal 7 is it's the first release in Drupal's history with almost 18,000 automated tests, and counting constantly re-verifying that everything's working properly. We know all the test-covered stuff is working, which is pretty much all of the critical path that folks would use day-to-day, plus a whole bunch of of the tweaky edge-cases that we would be likely to break again without test coverage. Directly as a result of this, Drupal 7's general stability, even in alpha, rivals that of the first couple of point releases of the 5.x and 6.x series.

What we honestly need are more people trying out Drupal 7 and finding the really bad bugs we've missed, and helping out in the core queue to squash them. But read the responses here. People are "looking forward" to its release and "can't wait" for it to come out. The simple fact is, the vast majority of the community (and their employers/clients) won't really start to care about (and develop/port modules for) Drupal 7 until we hit 7.0. So, as paradoxical as it sounds, releasing is key to Drupal 7's stability.

There's sound logic in identifying and calling out the the really bad bugs that will hit absolutely everyone and cause significant problems, and separating those from the "Dang, we really ought to fix that." kind of bugs. This way, we direct our volunteers to focus on those that will have the biggest impact, and then can attack the second round of bugs with far more resources than we have available now.

But absolutely nothing stops you from focusing on the "major" bug queue, and we'll certainly commit those patches, too! :)

catch’s picture

I'm also concerned about the 'major' priority being mis-used, but it's down to people who work on core - which can in include YOU! ;) to keep an eye on the critical issues queue, and the major one when it's added, and make sure things are in the right place.

At the moment, we can't downgrade something from critical, without bumping it down to the 'normal' queue, which has hundreds of issues and isn't any where near as well maintained as the criticals queue. Major allows us to highlight bugs that need fixing ASAP, without having a bloated queue of release blockers which really aren't.

webchick's example of the shortcut module tests is a good example. Drupal 6 released with zero test coverage. The shortcut module is enabled in the default install profile (which is what we test with), so some of the code is tested indirectly anyway. If we get through the 143 critical issues in around 6 weeks, and the only remaining one is tests for shortcut module, then that's not going to block a release. More likely, is that it, and many other issues, will get bumped down to 'normal' or moved to Drupal 8 as we start releasing more alphas/betas - this is usually anything in the category of 'nasty bug, but very obscure and hard to fix' - which is really what major should be.

Keeping those in a small, well managed queue of major bugs can only be a good thing. Also the overall size of the 'major' queue will be some indication of Drupal 7 stability, whereas as the normal bugs queue isn't at all - could include bugs fixed six months ago for all we know, because the number of issues is far to high to keep track of. When the criticals queue is down to 5 or so, if we have 200 bugs in the 'major' queue, then we can always move some up to critical if we want to delay the release a little bit longer. Where the lines actually are is something which needs to be figured out, likely on a case by case basis.

hailander’s picture

this is my main problem , i had changed the drupal core (I had to do for fast goal achievement) .
upgrading to drupal 7 can cause so many problems , so upgrading isn't a choice for me right now ,
NB:any help will be much appreciated .

Michelle’s picture

If you need some help upgrading, please use the forums. Keep in mind that Drupal is still in alpha so the pool of people who are using it and able to help will be smaller. You may want to wait until at least beta.


Paul Natsuo Kishimoto’s picture

Immense kudos to the core devs on their tireless grappling with some very, very complex issues.

I made noise earlier about Drupal moving to Launchpad or similar. Launchpad also has four severity levels. Coincidence?

...probably :)

echealth’s picture

I am excited, as I am struggling to understand why I have to install 20 plugins right away with Drupal 6 to get any kind of usability without coding. I can't thank the developers enough for this.

picxelplay’s picture

It's a modular cms framework. It simply makes the cms more flexible. If you could blink your eyes and everything was done for you, then you would have less flexibility.

Sudo Kill Cylons

fm’s picture

... and more free time. ;)

jinlong’s picture


Vc Developer’s picture

Where do I post bugs? I have the Alpha2 and I can't get past "Configure Site" without a long list of warning about the date format. And, don't suppose to be able to configure the site's admin and password. Other than the warnings I just have a empty page.

jhodgdon’s picture

To post an issue on any project (Drupal, a contributed module, a contributed theme, etc.), I suggest starting at the project page. In this case, http://drupal.org/project/drupal

You'll see a box on the left sidebar marked "Issues". Search to see if your issue has already been reported first, then report your issue.

Two pages/sections that you can read for more information:
Report a problem: http://drupal.org/node/314185
Use the issue queue: http://drupal.org/node/317

Vc Developer’s picture


pixor’s picture

Could someone confirm that there is an upgrade process for the D7 Alphas/Betas?

I would like to start playing with D7, but not if everything I do cannot be transfered to the next Alpha/Beta.



pixor’s picture

I just answered my question by RTFM :-)

So, no upgrade path between pre-release D7s :-(

catch’s picture

There's no guaranteed upgrade path, and you currently can't upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 safely. However we don't go out of our way to break the upgrade path between alpha/beta/rcs either. If you only want to play around, and keep backups each time you upgrade, then you have some chance of not running into issues - and more importantly, can help make the upgrade path more stable by testing it and reporting bugs back.

fastballweb’s picture

Is there any way we can find out, when a new alpha/beta/etc comes out, what kinds of things *would* break the upgrade path?

The reason is that I have a very small test-case site in A1--I really wanted to try D7, but I also knew full well what I was getting myself into. I'd love to have it in running the full releases when they come out, and it would only take a few minutes to transfer everything manually if need be.

But if I can somehow get an idea of what would break, I could possibly fix those things myself even if there's no official upgrade path. And if that somehow helps the testing effort, all the better. I just don't feel confident attempting it just by looking at the release notes from release to release.

azharhafiz’s picture

please don't release it until it really becomes stable and capable to upgrade themes,modules and core to D7

AFowle’s picture

D7 looks good, but what is to me a major pair of modules is missing any sign of D7 activity. I'm not up to coding at present but could probably help test.

darrenmothersele’s picture

which modules?

dazraf’s picture

Hi there to all the Drupal 7 development team...
I was wondering weather there would be any feature added to the forum module or not, I mean a forum such like vBulletin, so we wouldn't need to use other forum apps such as vBulletin or PHPBB...
By the way, would there be a possibility to let the admins to change the directories URLS, for example; BASE_URL/admin/ can be changed to whatever the admin wants... like BASE_URL/whatever/ etc.
How about the theme section, would it be same as Drupal 6, or new features will be added to...

By the way, by when we shall expect a stable release... so we can use it publicly... not in localhost....
Thanks to you all, really appreciate the work, keep up the good work...

kevinquillen’s picture

I don't know if the forum module will be as extensive as phpbb/vBulletin/IPB but you can check out Advanced Forum module. If not, you can certainly build a bridge between platforms by authenticating users through Drupal and other mods if you so wish.

Michelle’s picture

Core forums haven't changed much. But Advanced Forum will be ported to Drupal 7 at some point.


juan_g’s picture

dazraf wrote:

> I was wondering weather there would be any feature added to the forum module or not, I mean a forum such like vBulletin, so we wouldn't need to use other forum apps such as vBulletin or PHPBB...

The new alpha versions of Advanced Forum (6.x-2.0-alpha2 currently for D6, and later for D7) are adding support for nodecomments, which seems very promising to approach the functionality of standard forums, where all posts are treated equally. This will allow easier migration to Drupal from standard forum systems, and advanced administration such as thread merging, etc., without need for node-comment conversions and therefore without losing chronological order, etc.

apratimbose’s picture

Hi Dries / Drupal Professionals

I want to use Drupal for my personal website Blog on to a third party hosting server. I am going to start my work from April first week.
I was wondering ... should I wait for Drupal 7 or continue with Drupal 6 .. As I am going to use lots of Drupal modules... Even if I start my work in Drupal 6 .. can I port the whole website to Drupal 7 ..

Please suggest ..



P.S - I am only a starter ... :-)

cosmicdreams’s picture

Drupal 6 would be a great place to start. if you want to gain a lot of the practical benefits that Drupal 7 will have over Drupal 6, you can install the following modules:

Display Suite
Node Display + Node Display CCK


vimalramaka’s picture

Well, I would suggest you to get Drupal 6 now! According to me, Drupal 6 is the strongest and will be the strongest at least for next 6 months. A wide range of modules are available for it. And you can also upgrade your Drupal 6 installation to Drupal 7 easily. Good luck!

gurlinthewurld’s picture

Hello all - Is there (on this site, or a related blog, etc) a comprehensive, dynamically updated list of the status of D7 contributed modules to date? Something we could base our decision whether to go in either direction / version if building a new site, or to say when? What about the ease of upgrading from D6 to D7? thanks -gg

donSchoe’s picture

1456 Modules for D7 sorted by popularity.

If you plan to set up a new website you should go for D7.
If you are running a D6 site right now, I'd suggest to wait at least half a year untill D7 is more popular and more modules and themes are releasing stable 7.x versions.

iainH’s picture

If I were to start prototyping a new site from scratch using Drupal 7 alpha where would I look to find the major differences from what I did in Drupal 6? e.g. where would I find out if there was a completely new way of theming?

darrenmothersele’s picture

Lots of info about the differences between 6 and 7 here:

http://drupal.org/node/224333 (modules)


http://drupal.org/node/254940 (themes)

picxelplay’s picture

Drupal 7 is sooooo freaking amazing!

Sudo Kill Cylons

esmailzadeh’s picture

is it possible to say when drupal will release drupal 7 stable version?
i think this is essential for planing on migration, i have a site designed by drupal 5 and i am confused that do i upgrade to drupal 6 or waiting for drupal 7 stable version?

Michelle’s picture

It's released when the critical bugs are out and the core maintainers decide it's ready to go. When that happens depends on how much people help and how fast the bugs get squashed.


David Latapie’s picture

  • Consider Debian: we'll release when it's ready. Never heard complaints about Debian taking forever?
  • Consider Ubuntu: one release every six months. Much different song, both from the staff and from the clients (lot of clients, including corporate ones, prefers predictable schemes)

As Dries pointed it out, release time acts as a major motivator for both testers and developpers.

Shorter release cycles could make it more compelling to contribute.

esmailzadeh’s picture

david thanks for your helpful information and link
it seems Drupal are using Debian method for release new versions. (and can not use Ubuntu method)

brizone’s picture

Basic question from a user for an update after five weeks of no new information gets the kind of response one would expect from Microsoft.

Real impressive. And so helpful.

Thanks Michelle!

picxelplay’s picture

Listen to Dries' keynote speech from DrupalConSF. That should give you everything you need. http://www.archive.org/details/Css3TheFutureIsNow

Sudo Kill Cylons

WorldFallz’s picture

How many ways are there to say it will be released when there are no more critical bugs? In what way can that be said more helpfully? As for new information--that's available to everyone. The critical bug count is in the 'contributor links' block as well as http://drupal.org/project/issues/drupal?status=Open&priorities=1&version....

Your registering a brand new account just to take a pot shot at Michelle is pathetically transparent. Give it a rest already.

Cheek’s picture

Seems like the critical bug counter went down pretty steady the last few days. I hope Dries inspired everyone to fix these last few bugs and get D7 out. Remember, this is no Microsoft. This is a team of collaborators, giving you a (great) product for free..

I know the internet generation wants everything now (and for free), but don't let the downers keep you down. Keep up the great work!

- a random Drupal 7 lover

arpieb’s picture

... if D7 was released half-baked and full of bugs, that would be very Microsoft-like... When was the last time Microsoft released something only after it was as right as they could make it...? Something in a recent article about a MS architect admitting openly that Vista was released before it was finished, Windows Me was a stopgap, and what about Bob...?

WorldFallz - some people just don't get it... Obviously more a user mentality than a developer mentality, which is the dual-personality of the open source community. I'm right there with you guys on patiently waiting for it to be ready - when it is ready. In the meantime I'll keep downloading and testing the latest builds on my sandbox server...

If I was more comfortable in the core and not afraid to be the proverbial bull in a china closet, I'd definitely be trying to jump into the fray myself... ;)

"Nothing is impossible - it just hasn't been done yet."

dgoutam’s picture

Please put the sites running on d7 some where we need it any way. Suggestions are welcome on doing that.
Kind a Drupal 7 Gallery sites where we could all showcase our case study of the sites running on d7.

rcanete’s picture

Is MySQL cluster will be supported on this release?

Kasper Souren’s picture

This thread is the first that comes up with googling for "drupal 7".
http://drupal.org/node/156281 shows up for "drupal 7 download".

It would be nice to have a landing page for the latest alpha (or beta) with lots of links there.
How to make that happen?

Michelle’s picture

Try filing a webmaster's issue.


JanaeY’s picture

I agree. Something as influential as Drupal ought to have a more 'official' look to it. An official download page/landing page is something basic that should be there to at least do D7 justice.

me.prosenjeet’s picture

I had been experimenting with Drupal 6 for sometime now and few features that lacked in it made me not to use V6 for my websites. However, few days back I downloaded the V7 alpha and installed it on my server. The first look was like "WOW" for me. The interface is super!
With the introduction of Drupal7 the major thing that attracts developers like me is that the interface is simple, easy to find and streamlined. Further the adding of "Articles" takes Joomla by its horns. Why I say Drupal 7 wins over Joomla because Drupal now has the Article adding system where Joomla scored over Drupal earlier...further Drupal has built in modules for Blog and Forum which Joomla lacks.
Drupal 7 will be a great success...cant wait to get the stable version!!!!
Thanks to the Drupal development team! ;-)


kevinquillen’s picture

I think Articles was there before, but just called 'Story'. I may be wrong.

debplatt’s picture

You're right. :)

Ande’s picture

I would like to take part in working out Drupal. There is an experience a writing small CMS. It is possible?

juan_g’s picture

A site with an interesting graph is drupal7releasedate.com. They calculate it by using a linear regression on the number of critical bugs. At this moment, they are expecting that Drupal 7, or rather its first release candidate, will probably be ready on September 5th.

A related issue is Drupal 7 Release Countdown!

And a recent Dries' interview, with possible dates (beta in August, general release in September/October). Just possible; it's ready when it's ready, you know.

olbion’s picture

I found http://whenwill.org/drupal_7_be_released, according to which Drupal 7 should be released in 60 days

cvining’s picture

Say it ain't so! Blasphemy!

Well. Itl has a cool graph, anyway.

ashwinkumar01’s picture

when will drupal 7 be released

juan_g’s picture

It seems the current Drupal 7 version (alpha6) is going to be replaced by the first beta one of these days. The beta blockers have been reduced to just 4 issues, and the status is "needs review" for all 4 at this moment.

I think quite a lot of people is planning to start building sites with Drupal 7 when beta is out. The resulting real life testing will really accelerate its progress to the full release. Congratulations to all.

juan_g’s picture

One of the 4 remaining beta blockers has just been fixed. Now, only 3 and already with patches ready to review. Of course, those possible fixes can be either replaced with different solutions, or accepted.

juan_g’s picture

Now, just two beta blockers. Status: "needs review".

juan_g’s picture

The two remaining beta blockers seem hard. For now, they have released a new alpha (Sept. 16).

A Dries' tweet (Sept. 15): "Newsflash: webchick and I decided to do another Drupal 7 alpha release instead of a beta; more work on upgrade path issues necessary".

juan_g’s picture

Following the Drupal 7 core issue queue, it looks like Drupal 7 beta -with stable API and upgrade path- is coming probably this week, and the full Drupal 7 release some weeks later.

A working upgrade path means that a large number of webmasters are going to start building sites with Drupal 7 beta.

A stable API means that much more modules are going to be ported to Drupal 7.

Right now, there are 4744 D6 modules, and 563 modules with a D7 version. These include 145 of the 209 modules in the D7CX movement.

darrenmothersele’s picture

That figure also includes some D6 modules that will not be needed in D7 because of functionality already included in core.

juan_g’s picture

That figure also includes some D6 modules that will not be needed in D7 because of functionality already included in core.

That's right. A really interesting article on D7: More than 50 Drupal modules moved into Drupal 7, by Daniel F. Kudwien at Unleashed Mind.

juan_g’s picture

And detailed data just published this Monday on How ready are contrib modules for Drupal 7?, by Ronald Ashri at Istos.

mcurry’s picture

Time to roll up the sleeves and install the beta!

patpetrillo’s picture

Great, thanks for the links, downloading the D7 now and hopefully it will works just fine!

P.s: How to get opted-in so we can get notification on the latest updates?

Best regards,
Pat Petrillo

SJourney’s picture

Right now it's linking to Alpha 1 and daisy chained all the way to Alpha 7.
Then there is no continuity to Beta 1.
In Beta 1 there is no continuity to Beta 2.

Christopher James Francis Rodgers’s picture

drupal 7.0-beta3
Released. 2010.11.14


: o )

All the best; intended.
-Chris (great-grandpa.com)
"The number one stated objective for Drupal is improving usability." ~Dries Buytaert *

donSchoe’s picture

Drupal 7.0-rc1 released on December 1, 2010.

Sam Washington’s picture

We're getting ready to download Drupal 7.0 and implement it. Is there a special board to forum we can subscribe to get support. Thank you.

juan_g’s picture

Announcement: Drupal 7 to be released on January 5th, by Dries Buytaert.

If you are a developer, it looks like it's time for updating your modules. This task is quicker and easier with automated updates using the Coder Upgrade module to modify source code.

Drupal 7 will be here in two weeks...

toufichalwani’s picture

Here's a demo of the official Drupal 7 release (January 5th, 2011)

Username: demo
Password: demo

Enjoy ;)

IreneKraus’s picture

As thrilled as I am to read about what is going on with Drupal 7, I am really hoping we will see some kind of reporting within our Drupal installs themselves as to the status of modules. When migrating from Drupal 5 to 6, this was done thru the Update Status Advanced module:
Am really hoping we will see something of that nature again so it will be easier to provide feedback to clients as to how close a given install is to that magic moment where the upgrade can occur. Not that I don't love all the changes that have occurred within the Module pages themselves and the GIT system. These have greatly improved my decision-making process in selecting modules to use, as well as - I hope - speed up the patching process to address ongoing issues. But, a few customers have already ask how long they will have to wait before their installs can be upgraded to Drupal 7. I'm explaining that is a way off yet, but I am looking at what I can do to provide prompt, fast feedback as to where things stand on a given install. Thanks for listening!

Irene Kraus a.k.a. The Computer Lady

Michelle’s picture

I believe this is what you are looking for... http://drupal.org/project/upgrade_status