This announcement is directed at those who have CVS commit access to our contributions repository.

Thanks to the work of Derek Wright, some very important changes have been made to the contributions repository. These changes are intended to increase safety.

The most important change is that CVS commit, tag and branch permission is now restricted to the user who is listed as author on the corresponding project page for that specific project. In other words, only project owners may now commit, branch or tag their projects. Read on for specific details.

Of course, some projects have more than one developer. As you can read on this handbook page, you can grant more CVS users access to your project by clicking the "CVS access" tab on your project page.

The sandbox, tricks and docs directories are exempt from these rules. Anyone can commit, but tagging and branching is disallowed.

Also exempt are .po and .pot files so translators with CVS access can commit translations with minimal work from the project owner, the translators still can't branch or tag translations.

We expect everything to work as intended, but if you should encounter a problem, please file an issue against the project or CVS project as appropriate.


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sounds like a good change!

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Sounds good. Does the right to commit po/pot-files also include the translations directory? Or is that just for the modules section?’s picture

Should work everywhere. I could change this if required.
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-- another step closer to a better and securer library of contributions. Thanks for the hard work Derek (and others involved)!

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thanks for all the praise and positive-feedback, it's much appreciated. i'm happy to put my CVS and Drupal wisdom (such as it is) to good use for the community. also, thanks for everyone's patience and understanding while killes and i worked out some problems getting everything installed on, and while i made a few changes (hopefully for the better) to the user interface.

finally, people should know that if you find any problems with this functionality or have suggestions for improvements, the best place to report them is to create an issue in the CVS management/tracker module.


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