There's lots of exciting news about which was launched over three years ago as a

a glorious hub of worldwide drupal user groups.

Three years since and there are almost 650 groups on the site and over 51,000 subscriptions to those groups with over 700,000 page views each month. A glorious hub indeed.

Single sign on problems:

Many users will now enjoy the magic "single sign on" from bakery, but some accounts couldn't be fixed. If you have problems logging in to the site please follow the instructions on the account synch request form.

Upgrade to Drupal 6.x - New Maintainers, New Features

josh_k at DC drupalcon09
greggles on a windy day in Colorado

Along with the redesign and upgrade happening for, is being upgraded. Moshe Weitzman is leading the charge on this effort. Moshe has decided that this upgrade makes a good point to pass along some maintenance responsibilities for the site to Josh Koenig and Greg Knaddison.

Moshe's original goals with the site were to create a next step beyond the forums where people could discuss more focused topics. It provided a test-bed for many modules and Moshe is thankful to the maintainers of those modules for their help over the years. You can find more about the modules used on the site and their maintainers on the site itself.

Josh Koenig got particularly involved with the site when he started the Drupal Dojo at the end of 2006.

Greg Knaddison grew involved with this site while it was first being built. The Denver/Boulder Group (which Greg helped found) is node number 20 on the site. Since then he has worked as a content moderator on the site.

New Features - Features Removed

In addition to "just upgrading to 6.x" Josh, Greg, and Moshe are working to add in new features. Major new features include group location tracking/search and enhanced search using Apache Solr. The new groups site will also integrate with the global redesign, which will introduce a lot of powerful new features to the wider drupal universe. If you are interested in providing feedback for new features of the site or how it can work better, consider joining the meta group and providing feedback there.

Upgraded Solr based search on

Thanks to the work of Carl Wiedeman we now have the ability to limit the number of groups that a post can go into based on the content type - no more jobs being posted to 50 groups!

And, thanks to David Strauss we have Bakery baking and eating up cookies so that you can have single sign on between and We automatically matched up accounts for as many people as we could, but if you have problems getting the single sign on to work please follow the instructions on the account synch request form.

Translations are not entirely updated - especially with the launch of we hope people will contribute translations for all the modules used on the site and then we can update them on the site.

By moving to Drupal 6 we get to leverage all sorts of additional features available in 6.x core and modules. Unfortunately, we also had to remove a few features along the way. A while ago we disabled the ability to use private content. Thanks to great effort by Josh Koenig and Matt Cheney, the ability to customize group home pages (which is provided by the Organic Groups Panels module) will work on the upgraded site. However, it's possible that in the upgrade to Views 2, Panels 3, and OG Panels for 6.x that some of the exact configurations may be lost. Josh created a thread at to track any regressions with OG Panels.

And if you notice any other problems, please leave them as a comment here, as a comment on upgrade thread or as an issue here on

Thanks to Our Ongoing Maintainer Team and Module Developers

There are many people who work to keep the site going all the time. In particular Peter Wolanin, Simon Roberts and Roy Scholten help moderate new group submissions.


FiReaNGeL’s picture is so amazing, I always ask myself why isn't there a link to it on d.o. frontpage - how are newcomers are supposed to guess that it exist? I'm sure someone can point to a link buried somewhere, but to me it has its place as a tab at the top along `Forum`

Chris Charlton’s picture

Many of us as still asking the same question - "Why is GDO not linked from the D.O home page?!?"

-Los Angeles Drupal User Group Manager

Chris Charlton
LA Drupal
Drupal Author
Published since 2007
cpelham’s picture

I filled out the login sync request form more than a week ago but have not heard anything back and can still not log in. Is there just a backlog?


Christopher Pelham
CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing)
123 4th Ave, 2nd FL
New York, NY 10003

greggles’s picture

But I processed yours on the 15th

Note that the process of logging in is still not completely smooth. You may have to click around a little bit or do a search to get the login to "take." I believe that's a result of #574084: Bakery is not compatible with page caching.

-- :)

Steven Jones’s picture

I totally know this isn't the place for support, but I can seem to find anyone who knows where to ask this:

I created a group that has sat in moderation for months, without any contact from a moderator. I'd quite like to get the group public. Any help would be much appreciated.

The group is here:


pvasili’s picture

I can't go to the site :(
# The e-mail address *** is already registered. Please contact the site administrator.
# The name pvasili is already registered. Please contact the site administrator.

and redirect me to next url:
Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page.


pvasili’s picture

After "Request new password" a see: is already registered. :(((

SimonV’s picture

I get the same thing...

mcload’s picture

I am surprised to hear that will be upgraded to Drupal 6.x after over 7 months have passed since Drupal 6.0 was released. Is there are reason for waiting for 7 months to upgrade? (like Drupal 6.x version upgrade is too much time consuming, or Drupal 6.x was not bringing so important improvements to consider to upgrade as soon as possible, or 6.x modules were still incomplete or unstable?)

westwesterson’s picture

you could probably start with panels 3 has only been stable for little over a month.

greggles’s picture

It's true that it's over 7 months - it's 1 year and 7 months.

It's also true, as westwesterson pointed out, that uses a large number of contributed modules which meant that we had to wait for (and help) those modules become stable.

You can read more about the many contributed modules in use on the about page which explains how the site is built.

-- :)

larsdesigns’s picture

Special thanks to the groups.drupal team for all of your hard work and community commitment. Those who push Drupal forward are especially appreciated.

Elijah Lynn’s picture

Thanks so much for all your hard work everyone!

You are what makes Drupal what it is!

The Future is Open!

Elijah Lynn’s picture

I just went to see if the Awesome Solr integration was in place and searched for "new york" and the message I got was "Validation error, please try again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator."

The Future is Open!

bhuga’s picture

I can log in to gdo, but my old posts are now written by 'bhuga-gdo', and I can no longer track what i've written. I have the right username but I would not say the accounts are in sync.

Trying to fill out the sync request form presents a validation error.

Is there a place to report this?

greggles’s picture

sure, put the data you would put into the synch form here. Sorry for the difficulties.

-- :)

k8e’s picture

I had an account on groups , that was different to the account on drupal. I cant fill out the sync form because I can no longer access groups at all. The username does not exist nor the email address. Hummm. Okay , so theres this rewrite going on and syncing of usernames.

What to do ? I'll start this account on Drupal , and then I'll have a synced account on groups. Thats what I thought , but no , now the email address is existing and blocks me from getting on to groups.

I have sent a post to the site administrator as requested in the dual email address message - and set it as general enquiry because there is no category for login issues.
Now I'm totally confused as to who i am where.

Now I have two accounts on drupal , one 'exists but doesn't exist' account on Groups.
Is the answer a new account at drupal and groups with yet another new email address username combo , or is there some other way out of this mess I find myself in?

wla_g’s picture

google search on

the link
does not work

I just replaced "YourUsernameHere" with the username "wla_g"
The page - - does not exist.

or what am I supposed to do?
I hope to be able to find the ID of the user


Taxoman’s picture

Right now the logic for synching user accounts has serious flaws, and I imaging that the administrators of may get an unpleasant amount of contact messages about this.

I suggest the following:

a) The message that appears when a synch fails, tells users to use the general contact form at for this issue... Sounds like these requests should be routed through a dedicated queue instead.

b) Post a link here in this thread to where the discussions about this problem is handled, so we dont have to write more of these messages here. It cannot be to a group at, as the very problem is that many of us cannot log in there anymore, so we would be blocked from participating in this discussion. Therefore, instead we need to discuss it in the forums here. Would be great if there was a dedicated forum _here_ at for issues related to

c) Redirect
to whenever the request does not come from an anonymous user. It is confusing and unnecessary to receive "Access denied" and on the same page have one's User block present if already in fact logged in... (It seems that the account synch page, and its landing page both blindly assume that the user is logged out, thus showing this login link even if the user is actually already logged in to, and that all other blocks are turned off on those pages, giving the impression of not being logged in...)

d) Stop redirecting directly to without a message about it. This is all too confusing now that the account-synch logic is not working. (Point to an intermediate page to explain and raise the awareness about this.)

e) Provide a way for users that are (or getting) uncertain about which UID they have on to check that. Right now, it is not possible to access any trackers there, and not search for users, so how are we supposed to verify that we have indeed given the right UID and that that is not the cause of the account-synch problem? (How about actually just making it possible to say, "Please synch user name "XYZ" with username "XYZ" (or other) without specifying the UID?)
EDIT: However, that last suggestion would only make sense if the system can verify that the same email account has been used on both sides. That is not always the case, so that may only be a an alternative solution for "most cases"?)

Taxoman’s picture

This is the messages I got when I initiated synching of my Taxoman account at with my Taxoman account at

(all on the same landing page (in effect created a new "account-synch" node))


The name Taxoman is already registered. Please contact the site administrator.
Account synch request Taxoman has been created.
Anonymous (not verified) - Thu, 2009-10-01 11:38
Link to profile:
Link to profile:

» Login to post comments"


Subsequently, I got uncertain about whether I provided the right UID for my groups account (29742), and I am currently unable to ("easily"...) verify if that is the correct one. I only know for sure that the name is the same on both sites. I assume, but not entirely certain either now that insecurity sets in (and I want to check whether the problem is "mine" or a system flaw), whether I have used the same email on both sites...

One scenario I can imagine would fit my "situation" is this:
- same user name both places
- different email accounts used
- I provided the wrong UID for my account

If that is the case, then perhaps there is no system flaw in this case other than in the confusing logic of presented messages and pages (flow). If I could look up my UID, then I could possibly have avoided that, or if provided a way, corrected it myself subsequently without needing to bother the admins.

confetti’s picture

@taxoman: good idea

and to the developers: even better: before doing such major changes next time do this:

tell people what you plan in advance
then backup
take the site offline with a message
then you can go back, when things like this time happen (sooo many things that do not work ) you can go back to the old version.

In my eyes that is the only way.
(I will rememer this here for quite a while, but I hope this horror will not happen again. This has been going on for weeks now.)

greggles’s picture

  • We told people most of the plan in advance - bakery is a late addition and nobody knew the results of moving to it
  • We have multiple backups, but that is not an option
  • You mean something like this ?
  • We cannot go back. The site is online and has new content. Or do you suggest that we delete a month's worth of data. We can disable bakery and give people advice on how to prepare for it...but that causes significant pain as well

I appreciate your ideas, but find it a little tough to stomach when I spend over 5 hours a week working on maintenance of and you apparently have mostly used your account to deal with these problems as an end user.

If you would like to help, please fix bugs in the bakery module's issue queue.

-- :)

greggles’s picture

Patches welcome

I think a better solution is

-- :)

janglebeezz’s picture

The login sync seems to not be working for me. I'll keep trying I guess.

k8e’s picture

Well, this is getting painful. I wish to shutdown my groups account under k8e1050 because according to the login k8e1050 doesn't exist , despite the fact I am getting a steady stream of emails for that non existant account. I cant edit it because I cant sign in too it , I cant even get the password changed because " the email address is already taken.

Edit - okay , so I've sorted my problem, though not without consequences.
My Groups account as k8e1050 was solely for groups . It had no account on drupal itself. Once I created the account on drupal itself , I could access my groups account.
The consequences are that I have two other accounts on drupal and one other on Groups. There seems to be no way to delete accounts anywhere , so I guess I'll just use the k8e1050 from here on in at both .

At least now I can manage the email notifications .